Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is right – the way we use social media is killing the art of conversation- Tempemail

Wherever you find yourself on the political and ideological spectrum, in this social media age – if you wobble on the tightrope – there will always be a mob of ideological puritans, judges and juries waiting for you to fall to your demise. Being a proud British Nigerian, I was Continue Reading

Improve Your Cyber Security Posture by Combining State of the Art Security Tools – Tempemail

Today there are plenty of cybersecurity tools on the market. It is now more important than ever that the tools you decide to use work well together. If they don’t, you will not get the complete picture, and you won’t be able to analyze the entire system from a holistic Continue Reading

I’ve lost my conversational mojo – can I relearn the art of small talk? | Friendship

A good friend of mine, who started a new job six months ago, is about to meet his colleagues face to face for the first time. They have been buddied up in pairs to make socialisation less daunting, he said. It sounded like breeding pandas, or children being dropped off Continue Reading

NFTs are helping artists solve a vital problem: who owns digital artwork? | Digital art

The artist Kevin Abosch has sold a picture of a potato for $1.5m, made a neon sculpture inspired by cryptocurrency, and even sold his own blood on the blockchain. So in many ways, entering the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was the next logical step for the 51-year-old Irish artist, Continue Reading

Can anyone become an NFT collector? I tried it to find out | Digital art

For years, I’ve kept an ever-growing record of interesting pictures I discover online in a folder entitled Images on my desktop: a fox sauntering through an art gallery; a pixelated rendering of a Tokyo streetscape; Jon Bon Jovi doing yoga. They’re sentimental reminders of things I’ve seen online, but I Continue Reading

A jpeg for $70m: welcome to the strange world of cryptocurrency art | Digital art

On 11 March, one of the art world’s signature can-you-believe-it moments made global headlines: a digital-only artwork sold for more than $69m, the third highest price ever paid for an artwork at auction. It was a digital collage by the artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, who until October had Continue Reading

Yours for £1: what would you do with a traditional red phone box? | Art and design

Name: Red telephone boxes. Age: Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s original K2 design dates from 1924, but his smaller K6, from 1936, is the the more widespread. Appearance: Iconic. Purpose: Depends. You mean it depends on the nature of the telephone call you wish to place? Of course not – nobody Continue Reading

Non-fungible tokens are revolutionising the art world – and art theft | Cryptocurrencies

When the virtual auction bell rang at Christie’s on Thursday, Mike Winkelmann, a digital artist better known as Beeple, made history: he had sold a “non-fungible token” representing his piece Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, for $69.4m. But while the new cryptocurrency craze may have brought the high-end art market Continue Reading

Flying cats and a burning Banksy: why are digital art prices suddenly rocketing? | Art and design

Last week masked men set fire to a Banksy screenprint called Morons (White) at a secret location in Brooklyn, livestreaming the destruction via the Twitter account @BurntBanksy. The men worked for a company called Injective Protocol, which bought the print for $95,000 in order to destroy it and replace it Continue Reading