‘Horror story’: Brazilian artist’s waxworks mocked after going viral- Tempemail

Beeswax sculptures created by a Brazilian artist have gone viral after internet users unearthed footage of them on social media. Arlindo Armacollo’s statues, which include the Queen, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, went on a display in a church in the town of Rolândia, in southern Brazil, six years ago. Continue Reading

Spotify to let artists promote music for cut in royalty rates | Technology

Spotify has been accused of trying to create digital “payola”, after announcing a feature that would give artists an algorithmic boost on the company’s playlists – if they agree to take a cut in the royalties they get paid for the relevant songs. The feature, which Spotify is describing as Continue Reading

‘Rich people leave, artists and queerdos return’: is San Francisco’s tech exodus real or a fantasy? | San Francisco

Through free massages, decompression capsules, and limitless nitro cold brew, San Francisco’s tech companies spent the last decade making their offices considerably comfier than the average cubicle farm. Beyond making the workday pleasant, they attracted workforces whose six-figure salaries altered the city’s demographics, spurring widespread displacement and years of head-scratching Continue Reading

Lily Allen deletes video saying she’s ‘worried’ about Wiley after grime artist’s antisemitic posts- Tempemail

Lily Allen appears to have deleted an Instagram video in which she says she feels “sad” seeing the row over Wiley’s antisemitic rants on social media. The Metropolitan Police said yesterday (25 July) that they are investigating the posts from Wiley’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. He was also dropped by Continue Reading

Sony’s Music Portal Launches Two New Features for African Artists | Tempemail

Sony Music Entertainment Africa has just unveiled two state-of-the-art features – Real-Time Earnings and Cash-Out – that allow their artists to view and withdraw earnings faster than ever before through the Sony Music Artist Portal. In these unprecedented times where artists need immediate access to funds, the Real-Time Earnings element Continue Reading

Artists find fans and creative outlet as they flock towards crowdfunding sites | Technology

Musicians, artists and writers have turned to crowdfunding sites to make up for lost opportunities in lockdown, and their audiences have followed them, leading to a rise in contributions through platforms such as Patreon. Since mid-March more than 70,000 extra creators have joined Patreon, which allows fans to give monthly Continue Reading

Wear your clothes backwards and learn cartooning: artists share lockdown tips | Art and design- Tempemail

The doors of the world’s finest museums, galleries and art fairs may now be firmly closed for who knows how long. But art can still reach us in dazzling detail, via the now essential gateway of social media. Large organisations were the first to get involved, with MoMA in New Continue Reading

Spotify launches music relief project to help artists – Finance- Tempemail

Spotify Technology said on Wednesday it had launched a COVID-19 music relief project to raise funds for musicians as the coronavirus pandemic grounds life to a halt in most countries, while taking a toll on the economy. The music streaming platform, which has about 124 million paid subscribers, also partnered Continue Reading

Why AI music will let human artists be less like machines- Tempemail

“Music inspires us. We believe in the power of music to inspire”… so proclaims the new Apple Music for Business landing page. As a concept, music for business is booming, but when brands talk about ‘music’ can we take them at face value? Is it really ‘music’, stripped of all Continue Reading

Hacker Q&A with Matthew Bryant: Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal- Tempemail

“Seeing an exploit without understanding how any of it works felt like witnessing someone doing actual magic.” In his search to understand new-to-him security vulnerabilities, Matthew Bryant (@iammandatory) has found some iconic bugs. He chatted with us about those finds, collaboration, and the tools he builds as a modern-day security Continue Reading