CISA Adds Single-Factor Authentication to the List of Bad Practices – Tempemail

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) on Monday added single-factor authentication to the short list of “exceptionally risky” cybersecurity practices that could expose critical infrastructure as well as government and the private sector entities to devastating cyberattacks. Single-factor authentication is a method of signing in users to websites Continue Reading

Celebrity culture and social media: Why so many men feel bad about their bodies- Tempemail

W hile much has been written about the impact of poor body image and the intense bodily scrutiny and judgement faced by women and girls, a new study has found that men are increasingly falling victim to the same anxieties. Whether it’s feeling the pressure from social media snaps or Continue Reading

I told you Facebook was bad – I even posted cartoons about it on Facebook | First Dog on the Moon

Even the Bureau of Meteorology were on the receiving end of Facebook’s despotic strongarm stunt Sign up here to get an email whenever First Dog cartoons are published Get all your needs met at the First Dog shop if what you need is First Dog merchandise and prints Continue reading… Continue Reading

The US has suffered a massive cyberbreach. It’s hard to overstate how bad it is | Technology

Recent news articles have all been talking about the massive Russian cyber-attack against the United States, but that’s wrong on two accounts. It wasn’t a cyber-attack in international relations terms, it was espionage. And the victim wasn’t just the US, it was the entire world. But it was massive, and Continue Reading

Meghan Markle says ‘the bad can be so loud’ while interviewing Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian- Tempemail

During the conversation, Ohanian, the husband of Serena Williams, discussed his dedication to creating a world that is “just fair to my daughter,” Olympia, three. “I just can’t help but want to create a world that is just fair to my daughter,” Ohanian said. “And I know that that’s lofty, Continue Reading

‘Bingeing on bad news’: Break the ‘doomscrolling’ cycle with these tips- Tempemail

One sleepless night in April, I stumbled upon a hilarious and embarrassingly accurate cartoon while scrolling through my news feeds. It started out innocently enough: the first two panels showed an image of a woman climbing into bed, seemingly on track to a peaceful slumber. But the third and final Continue Reading

‘Big companies aren’t bad’: Zuckerberg and other tech CEOs to testify in historic antitrust hearing | Technology- Tempemail

“Companies aren’t bad just because they are big,” Facebook executive Mark Zuckerberg is set to tell Congress on Wednesday, as the world’s most powerful technology companies face a historic investigation into their size and power. Zuckerberg plans to argue to Congress that Facebook became successful “the American way, by starting Continue Reading

If you thought boomers bullying us about avocados was bad, Gen Z just got a whole lot worse- Tempemail

The Independent employs reporters around the world to bring you truly independent journalism. To support us, please consider a contribution. First, they came for the avocados and coffees we supposedly (but didn’t actually) spend too much on. Now Gen Z has taken up the mantle, ruthlessly dragging each and every millennial Continue Reading

Shopify – the good shop to Amazon’s bad shop | Technology

You probably will not have heard of Shopify, or be able to say what the company does, but you will almost certainly have used it. The joggers you found on Instagram at the beginning of lockdown and have worn continually since? Those Gymshark shorts you haven’t used for months, now Continue Reading