EV battle heats up in Australia with plan to sell affordable Chinese import for $35,000 | Australia news

The race to bring an affordable electric car to Australia is about to kick into high gear with a Sydney-based company’s plan to import a new passenger car for less than $35,000. Among the cheapest zero-emissions vehicles now on the market in Australia is the Chinese-made MG ZS EV, which Continue Reading

Apple and Google face new antitrust battle over Arizona app store bill | Apple

A controversial Arizona bill that addresses the fees technology companies like Apple and Google charge app developers is raising new antitrust challenges for embattled US tech giants. The bill – which passed the Arizona state house last week and now will move to the state’s senate – would require Apple Continue Reading

In the war of fake news versus facts, here’s what the next battle should be | Digital media- Tempemail

To survive, democracy needs a minimum of shared truth. With the storming of the Capitol in Washington on 6 January, the US showed us just how dangerous it is when millions of citizens are led to deny an important, carefully verified fact – namely, who won the election. To prosper, Continue Reading

How to battle the Covid lies that are costing lives | Coronavirus- Tempemail

George Monbiot’s Sage-type panel of experts – which he would like to see “identifying claims that present a genuine danger to life and proposing their temporary prohibition to parliament” – would almost certainly be counterproductive, and be a godsend to conspiracy-mongers (Covid lies cost lives – we have a duty Continue Reading

How GameStop found itself at the center of a groundbreaking battle between Wall Street and small investors | Stock markets

The coronavirus pandemic hit GameStop hard. Like many retailers, already suffering from the shift to online sales, the video games chain is losing money and plans to close 450 stores this year. And yet, surprisingly, GameStop has become one the hottest stocks of the year. The 37-year-old chain store group Continue Reading

‘Law unto themselves’: the Australian battle to curb Facebook and Twitter’s power | Australia news

Nationals MP Anne Webster and Labor MP Sharon Claydon are less concerned with why Donald Trump was taken off social media, and more concerned with what platforms such as Facebook are doing to stop online defamation and abuse. Webster and Claydon are the co-chairs of the Parliamentary Friends of Making Continue Reading

The bias battle: how software can outsmart recruitment prejudices | Work & careers

It’s no surprise that decades ago, you were more likely to get a job if your name was Smith rather than Singh – as anti-racism campaigners found. In these more enlightened times, companies have strategies to beat a kneejerk reaction to an unfamiliar name, the “wrong” gender, or the suspect Continue Reading

Facebook lawsuits: the biggest tech battle yet, and one that is long overdue | Facebook- Tempemail

Facebook is facing perhaps its greatest existential threat yet as the company prepares to battle two antitrust lawsuits brought by the US government and more than 40 states. But while analysts are calling the crackdown an important step, whether the social media giant can be reined in remains to be Continue Reading

Battle for control: why the age-old console wars show no sign of stopping | Games

It is an exciting time in video game world: two new consoles, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, are arriving this month. With a long, lonely Covid winter ahead, it is tempting to splash out. New machines bring with them the promise of new worlds, as leaps in technology Continue Reading

Fake news will play a part in the US election again, it’s time to battle the spread of misinformation- Tempemail

Imagine it’s 1938. You’re sitting at home listening to a radio show, when it gets abruptly interrupted by a newsflash: unusual phenomena have been registered on Mars and objects are moving towards the earth. A reporter is live on-site at an observatory and talks to an astronomer about the disturbing Continue Reading