Google Releases Android 11 Beta – These Are The Best New Features | Tempemail

Sourced from Computer World Google has quietly released the first public Android 11 beta. A release such as this is usually accompanied by announcements and fanfare reserved for its Google I/O event, but with the event this year cancelled by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the beta update was simply put Continue Reading

Gmail debuted in 2004 as an invitation-only beta offering how much free storage? Trivia

Development on Gmail began in 2001 by Googler Paul Buchheit, who dabbled in webmail as a college student prior to the existence of Hotmail. Released to the public on April Fool’s Day, 2004, the service was initially mistaken as a joke, not least because it launched with a whole gigabyte Continue Reading

Apple namedrops next-gen AMD hardware in macOS beta code

Through the looking glass: AMD delivered a splendid battery of processors and graphics hardware throughout 2019 and seemingly Apple’s been taking notice. Last year the pair delivered the Mac Pro’s unique Vega II Pro Duo graphics solution, and new evidence suggests that may be the first in a succession of Continue Reading

Microsoft’s Chromium-powered Edge browser is out of beta, download it here

In brief: Microsoft’s original Edge browser never quite took off, but the company hoped to change that when it revealed its intention to move the browser over to the Chromium ecosystem. After months of beta testing, Microsoft feels the new Edge is finally ready for prime time and has launched Continue Reading

CD Projekt’s ‘all-in-one’ game launcher, GOG Galaxy 2.0, has entered Open Beta

What just happened? Although Cyberpunk 2077 is currently generating quite a bit of buzz for CD Projekt, it’s not the only major software project the team is working on. The studio’s digital distribution branch, GOG, has been developing its impressive Galaxy 2.0 client as well. This client, often referred to Continue Reading

Oculus Link beta allows Quest users to play Rift games via PC connection

What just happened? Oculus has been working hard to bring some killer features to its Quest VR headset. Monday, it announced that hand tracking would be added to the device this week, ahead of an expected 2020 release. Today the company began its Oculus Link open beta, which allows users Continue Reading