Facebook faces US investigation for ‘systemic’ racial bias in hiring | Facebook- Tempemail

A US agency investigating Facebook for racial bias in hiring and promotions has designated its inquiry as “systemic”, meaning it suspects company policies may be contributing to widespread discrimination. Attorneys for three job applicants and a manager who claim the company discriminated against them told Reuters of the news on Continue Reading

Why Facial Verification Is Key to Ending Facial Biometric Software Bias – Tempemail

As the global need for inclusive biometric security in facial identification increases, developers need not overlook the burden of a non-biased solution. Teki Akuetteh Falconer, from the African Digital Rights’ Hub, says racial profiling is a major concern in terms of facial identification software. This presents a challenge for Africa Continue Reading

Claim of anti-conservative bias by social media firms is baseless, report finds | Social media- Tempemail

Republicans including Donald Trump have raged against Twitter and Facebook in recent months, alleging anti-conservative bias, censorship and a silencing of free speech. According to a new report from New York University, none of that is true. Disinformation expert Paul Barrett and researcher J Grant Sims found that far from Continue Reading

The bias battle: how software can outsmart recruitment prejudices | Work & careers

It’s no surprise that decades ago, you were more likely to get a job if your name was Smith rather than Singh – as anti-racism campaigners found. In these more enlightened times, companies have strategies to beat a kneejerk reaction to an unfamiliar name, the “wrong” gender, or the suspect Continue Reading

Twitter and Facebook CEOs to testify on alleged anti-conservative bias | US news

The chief executive officers of Twitter and Facebook are taking the stand Tuesday to testify, again, about allegations of anti-conservative bias on their platforms. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey were subpoenaed in October to appear at Tuesday’s hearing with the Senate judiciary committee in order to “review the companies’ handling Continue Reading

Instagram ‘censorship’ of black model’s photo reignites claims of race bias | Technology

Fifteen minutes into her shoot with model Nyome Nicholas-Williams, photographer Alexandra Cameron knew she had captured the perfect image: a dreamy split second with Nicholas-Williams bathed under natural light, her eyes closed and arms wrapped around her breasts. The response on Instagram was ecstatic: “stunning … beautiful … this should Continue Reading

Pega launches Ethical Bias Check to help prevent AI discrimination- Tempemail

Read Article Pegasystems has announced Ethical Bias Check, a new capability of Pega Customer Decision Hub that helps eliminate biases hidden in the artificial intelligence (AI) driving customer engagements. The feature flags possible discriminatory offers and messages generated by AI across all channels before they reach the customer. Done right, Continue Reading

Ads We Like: Singapore dog shelters form a pack to highlight bias towards street dogs- Tempemail

A group of Singapore-based dog shelters have come together to launch a campaign to raise awareness of the bias faced by dogs from shelters, especially those with added special requirements, such as disability or old age. The campaign, created by CAS (Causes for Animals Singapore), ASD (Action for Singapore Dogs), Continue Reading

IBM proposes five point framework for ensuring that AI is fair and bias free- Tempemail

The IBM Policy Lab released a new perspective, Precision Regulation for Artificial Intelligence, that lays out a regulatory framework for organizations involved in developing or using AI based on accountability, transparency, and fairness and security. This builds upon IBM’s calls for a “precision regulation” approach to facial recognition and illegal Continue Reading

This industry’s Gen Z bias is rife, often generic and misleading

Over the coming weeks, Urban Nerds will use its ongoing research study – Frontline – to lift the veil on one of adland’s biggest blindspots: the rife misconceptions around youth culture. This series will share our findings from the frontline of inner city youth culture to illuminate the issues that Continue Reading