From pencil sharpeners to a $539m lawsuit: how big tech weaponised patents | Design

It was designed to make sharpening a pencil feel as thrilling as flying a jet. A gleaming chrome teardrop, tapered to a point and adorned with a bullet-like handle, Raymond Loewy’s aerodynamic tail-fin pencil sharpener brought the glamour of the machine age to the humble office desk. As the godfather Continue Reading

How Leslie Jordan made it big: ‘If you want to get sober, try 27 days in county jail’ | Television- Tempemail

For a man of such diminutive stature – 4ft 11in in shoes – Leslie Jordan loves a tall tale. A cursory question at the start of our interview about where he is calling from, for example, results in this glorious flight of fancy: “I got on a bus in 1982, Continue Reading

A very happy anniversary for the stock market Congress Japan China Big Tech Boom- Tempemail

It was one year ago that the terrifying free fall for the stock market suddenly ended, ushering in one of its greatest runs. On March 23, 2020, the S&P 500 fell 2.9%. In all, the index dropped nearly 34% in about a month, wiping out three years’ worth of gains Continue Reading

Cybersecurity Webinar — SolarWinds Sunburst: The Big Picture – Tempemail

The SolarWinds Sunburst attack has been in the headlines since it was first discovered in December 2020. As the so-called layers of the onion are peeled back, additional information regarding how the vulnerability was exploited, who was behind the attack, who is to blame for the attack, and the long-term Continue Reading

Naomi Klein: how big tech helps India target climate activists | India

The bank of cameras camped outside Delhi’s sprawling Tihar jail was the sort of media frenzy you would expect to await a prime minister caught in an embezzlement scandal, or a Bollywood star caught in the wrong bed. Instead, the cameras were waiting for Disha Ravi, a nature-loving 22-year-old vegan Continue Reading

Giuliani mocked for warning of dangers of misinformation after amplifying Trump’s ‘big lie’ on elections for months- Tempemail

The former New York mayor, who became the face of Mr Trump’s doomed attempts to overturn the presidential election based on unsubstantiated claims of fraud, dedicated the latest episode of “Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense” to focussing on “the dire consequences of misinformation on social media.” Sharing the episode on Twitter, Continue Reading

Replacing EDR/NGAV with Autonomous XDR Makes a Big Difference for Small Security Teams – Tempemail

The attack surface is virtually expanding before our eyes. Protecting assets across multiple locations, with multiple solutions from different vendors, has become a daily concern for CISOs globally. In a new e-book recently published (download here), CISOs with small security teams talk about the drivers for replacing their EDR/NGAV solutions Continue Reading

Optimizing for outrage: ex-Obama digital chief urges curbs on big tech | Technology

Sign up for the Guardian’s First Thing newsletter A former digital strategist for Barack Obama has demanded an end to big tech’s profit-driven optimization of outrage and called for regulators to curb online disinformation and division. Michael Slaby – author of a new book, For All the People: Redeeming the Continue Reading

Facebook’s capitulation in Australia is the beginning of the project to regulate Big Tech – not the end | Australian media- Tempemail

Over the past few days Australians have gotten a flavour of what a global tech power will do to avoid regulation. Now we are getting an idea of what a world-class capitulation looks like after Facebook agreed to re-friend Australia after securing what appears to be technical changes to legislation Continue Reading

Australia shows the way. It’s the job of governments not big tech to run democracies | Facebook

The problem with the dispute between the Australian government and the two social media giants Google and Facebook is that it’s a squalid argument between ethically challenged contestants about a really important question – the survival of liberal democracy. The Australian parliament is in the process of passing a law Continue Reading