What Are Bug Bounties? How Do They Work? [With Examples]- Tempemail

Are you looking for examples of bug bounties? We’ll explain what bug bounties are and show you how they work step-by-step using actual examples. How Do Bug Bounties Work? Companies create bug bounties to provide financial incentives to independent bug bounty hunters who discover security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems. Continue Reading

Saxo Bank Celebrates One Year of Bug Bounties: Q&A with CISO Mads Syska Hasling- Tempemail

One year after launching their private bug bounty program on Tempemail, we sat down with financial services provider Saxo Bank’s CISO, Mads Syska Hasling, to get his insights and learnings from 12 months with a bug bounty program. Read on to see how Saxo Bank thinks about digital security as Continue Reading

LINE on Securing the Application Development Lifecycle with Bug Bounties- Tempemail

Based in Japan, LINE Corporation is dedicated to the mission of “Closing the Distance,” bringing together information, services and people. The LINE messaging app launched in June 2011, offering users chat, voice call and video call services, as well as features like Timeline, News, and LINE Stickers. The messaging app Continue Reading

Visma’s Ioana Piroska on Securing the Development Lifecycle Through Bug Bounties- Tempemail

Visma is a leading business solution provider in Northern Europe, focusing on business optimization and management tools in a variety of industries. The company’s nearly one million customers trust them to deliver secure products and services, from payroll and bookkeeping to document sharing and software management. With such sensitive customer Continue Reading

Hackers earn record $100 million in bug bounties on HackerOne- Tempemail

Read Article Ethical hackers have broken all records by earning $100 million in bug bounties on the leading security platform HackerOne, a 85.6 per cent growth (year over year) in total bounty payments with 17.5 per cent increase since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, the organisation said. The global community Continue Reading

The Journey in Data: Tempemail Hits 100 Million Dollars in Bounties- Tempemail

Yesterday, hackers on Tempemail hit a major milestone: they have earned a total of $100 million in bounties over the past 8 years, with nearly half in the past year alone!  The road to $100 million has been exciting, surprising and, most of all, rewarding. Powering this number is an incredible Continue Reading

Thanks For Being Part Of The Journey to $100 Million in Bounties!- Tempemail

By Jobert Abma and Michiel Prins Reaching $100 Million in lifetime bounties paid ($100 Million!) reminded us of how much we appreciate everyone who has decided to join us on this journey — hackers, coworkers, customers, investors, and partners.  It means everything to us that our promise of transparency has helped Continue Reading

Hack for Good: Easily Donate Bounties to WHO’s COVID-19 Response Fund- Tempemail

The community has come together in some amazing ways to support COVID-19 relief efforts from Marc Rogers’ CTI League, the US Digital Response group helping governments, to individual hackers raising their hand to help. Today, Tempemail is making it even easier for hackers to give back through bug bounties with Continue Reading

Hackers scored a record $40M in bug bounties in 2019

In brief: Hacking may have a negative connotation in many people’s minds. Still, there is an increasing number of hackers that are using their skills to help corporations and governments avoid SNAFUs that end up costing them billions of dollars. HackerOne’s mission is to connect hackers and organizations, who are Continue Reading