Behind Cambridge Analytica lay a bigger threat to our democracy: Facebook | Jennifer Cobbe | Technology- Tempemail

The information commissioner (ICO), the UK’s data protection regulator, has concluded its long-running investigation into Cambridge Analytica. As had been expected by many, this found no smoking gun. Despite concerns about its data practices, the short-lived political consultancy ended up functioning as a distraction. But there are still real reasons Continue Reading

Jill Lepore: ‘When did we hand Google, Twitter and Facebook the reins?’ | Books- Tempemail

Jill Lepore is professor of American history at Harvard and a prolific essayist for the New Yorker. Her books have included These Truths, a 900-page chronicle of American democracy and The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Her new book, If Then, tells the story of the Simulmatics Corporation – “the Continue Reading

How an Australian cybersecurity firm helped decipher Zhenhua Data leak | World news

When a group of international media organisations this week revealed details of a Chinese tech company’s vast database profiling millions of people around the globe, it was in no small part due to a small Australian cybersecurity firm established only last year. The Canberra-based firm, Internet 2.0, was co-founded by Continue Reading

Facebook suffers blow in Australia legal fight over Cambridge Analytica | Technology- Tempemail

Facebook has been dealt a blow in its fight to fend off Australian legal action surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with the tech giant failing to convince the federal court it does not carry out business in Australia. In March, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) sued Facebook Continue Reading

Facebook is out of control. If it were a country it would be North Korea | Technology

There is no power on this earth that is capable of holding Facebook to account. No legislature, no law enforcement agency, no regulator. Congress has failed. The EU has failed. When the Federal Trade Commission fined it a record $5bn for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, its stock Continue Reading

Facebook sued by Australian information watchdog over Cambridge Analytica-linked data breach | Technology

Australia’s information commissioner is suing Facebook over allegedly breaching the privacy of over 300,000 Australians caught up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In a case lodged in the federal court on Monday, the Australian information commissioner Angelene Falk has alleged Facebook committed serious and repeated interferences with privacy in contravention Continue Reading

‘Weirdest job ad in the world’: Carole Cadwalladr hits back at Dom Cummings conspiracy jibe- Tempemail

Carole Cadwalladr, the reporter who helped break the Cambridge Analytica story, has hit back at Dominic Cummings, government adviser and campaign director of the Leave EU campaign, after he made a targeted dig at her in an unorthodox civil service recruitment ad on his personal blog. Cummings, the mastermind behind Continue Reading