Cybercriminals Abusing Internet-Sharing Services to Monetize Malware Campaigns – Tempemail

Threat actors are capitalizing on the growing popularity of proxyware platforms like Honeygain and Nanowire to monetize their own malware campaigns, once again illustrating how attackers are quick to repurpose and weaponize legitimate platforms to their advantage. “Malware is currently leveraging these platforms to monetize the internet bandwidth of victims, Continue Reading

Malicious spam campaigns delivering banking Trojans- Tempemail

In mid-March 2021, we observed two new spam campaigns. The messages in both cases were written in English and contained ZIP attachments or links to ZIP files. Further research revealed that both campaigns ultimately aimed to distribute banking Trojans. The payload in most cases was IcedID (Trojan-Banker.Win32.IcedID), but we have Continue Reading

How to create the silliest April Fools email campaigns to boost your brand

April Fool’s email campaigns are perfect for promoting your brand creatively because customers will be more interested in your products or services if it brings them positive emotions. Do you remember this brilliant Fool’s Day joke by Google when they announced Google Nose release? It was really impressive as people Continue Reading

Lessons to Learn From Uber ‘s Tempemail Marketing Campaigns

We are living in an era when the sharing economy is booming. Once named UberCab and founded in 2009, Uber is trying to establish a strategy to maximize profits, but this is a complicated process in a dynamically competitive global economy. Uber’s entry into the traditional taxi market has caused Continue Reading

How a MailChimp Salesforce integration can optimize your Tempemail Marketing Campaigns?

Tempemail marketing experts agree that personalized emails perform better than generic campaigns. In fact, personalized emails have higher open and click rates. Not to mention that they reflect a better understanding of a brand’s customer base, and help increase sales. The number one difficulty marketers face when building personalized emails Continue Reading

Chinese, Iranian hackers targeted US presidential campaigns, says Google – Security- Tempemail

State-backed hackers from China have targeted staffers working on the US presidential campaign of Democrat Joe Biden, a senior Google security official said on Thursday. The same official said Iranian hackers had recently targeted email accounts belonging to Republican President Donald Trump’s campaign staff. The announcement, made on Twitter by Continue Reading

Father’s Day Tempemail Marketing Campaigns, Subject Lines & Templates

Who Are The Gifts For? You would think that Father’s Day gifts are only meant for fathers – that’s not true! Father’s Day is symbolic; people buy gifts for any father figure they may have in their life, including step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, Godfathers, and even sons and nephews. Parents and Continue Reading