Changing buying habits of the most wealthy are transforming the luxury industry- Tempemail

According to the Wealth Report 2019, the global Ultra-High-Net-Worth (UHNWIs) population is set to grow by 22% over the next five years. If you are not sitting up already, this means that an extra 43,000 people will be worth more than US$30 million by 2023, with existing UHNWIs all expecting Continue Reading

Changing dynamics of the jobs market- Newer profiles that appeal to the Gen-Z professional: report by Tempemail

Read Article The advent of AI and allied technologies has transformed the nature of jobs. While low-value job roles such as data entry clerks, accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll clerks, administrative and executive secretaries, assembly and factory workers, etc. are becoming increasingly redundant, several new specialized job roles are emerging in the wake Continue Reading

Not so white, male and straight: the video games industry is changing | Games

The old stereotype of video game players as spotty, socially isolated boys in basements is finally disappearing after decades, but the popular image of game developers is enduring. They are imagined to be white and beardy, with glasses and a probable fondness for sci-fi and fantasy, and this is hardly Continue Reading

Ads We Like: Sephora explores changing beauty norms to underscore diversity commitment- Tempemail

Sephora is exploring how beauty is changing, with ‘The Unlimited Power of Beauty’ campaign, as it unveils a new brand positioning. Wishing to underscore its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, Sephora is positioning itself as a brand for those who want to challenge the status quo. People who give their Continue Reading

Olay’s Super Bowl return is unapologetically female: ‘We’re changing the narrative’- Tempemail

P&G’s Olay is back for a second year at the Super Bowl. The brand is carrying forward the humor of its 2019 spot but, as its communications lead explains, this year’s production comes with a clear female message delivered by a stellar female cast: we deserve to be here in Continue Reading

Marketing to millennials and Generation Z: things are changing- Tempemail

Understanding millennials has long been viewed as the be all and end all of tapping in youth markets, globally. After all, they account for a major portion of the world’s spending power at a projected £1.66+ trillion, in 2020. As a clearly defined segment, they’ve also ushered in an entirely Continue Reading

Bridging the Gap: how retailers can increase agility and operational efficiency in a rapidly changing industry |Tempemail – Up to date technology news, IT news, Digital news, Telecom news, Mobile news, Gadgets news, Analysis and Reports

December 21, 2019 • Features, Retail, Top Stories Retailers have always been at the forefront of each new wave of digital advancement, in an effort to accommodate the increase in both the number of customers and the ensuing volume of products and transactions. Their own digital transformation starting decades prior, Continue Reading