Hackers From China Target Vietnamese Military and Government – Tempemail

A hacking group related to a Chinese-speaking threat actor has been linked to an advanced cyberespionage campaign targeting government and military organizations in Vietnam. The attacks have been attributed with low confidence to the advanced persistent threat (APT) called Cycldek (or Goblin Panda, Hellsing, APT 27, and Conimes), which is Continue Reading

‘Reclaim These Streets’ and rubber duck rallies: human rights roundup – in pictures | Global development- Tempemail

A mural at a government clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, depicts, from right, the prime minister, Muhyiddin Yassin; its health director general, Noor Hisham Abdullah, and a health worker. Human Rights Watch has urged the government to revoke its ‘fake news’ law, which makes it a criminal offence to create, Continue Reading

A very happy anniversary for the stock market Congress Japan China Big Tech Boom- Tempemail

It was one year ago that the terrifying free fall for the stock market suddenly ended, ushering in one of its greatest runs. On March 23, 2020, the S&P 500 fell 2.9%. In all, the index dropped nearly 34% in about a month, wiping out three years’ worth of gains Continue Reading

Smile for the camera: the dark side of China’s emotion-recognition tech | China

“Ordinary people here in China aren’t happy about this technology but they have no choice. If the police say there have to be cameras in a community, people will just have to live with it. There’s always that demand and we’re here to fulfil it.” So says Chen Wei at Continue Reading

Chinese bots had key role in debunked ballot video shared by Eric Trump | China- Tempemail

A Chinese bot network played a key role in spreading disinformation during and after the US election, including a debunked video of “ballot burning” shared by Eric Trump, a new study reveals. The misleading video shows a man filming himself on Virginia Beach, allegedly burning votes cast for Donald Trump. Continue Reading

‘Touching fish’ craze see China’s youth find ways to laze amid ‘996’ work culture | China

On the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo, enthusiastic slackers share their tips: fill up a thermos with whisky, do planks or stretches in the work pantry at regular intervals, drink litres of water to prompt lots of trips to the toilet on work time and, once there, spend time on social Continue Reading

Deaths, self-immolation draw scrutiny on China tech giants China Employees company Employees pay- Tempemail

E-commerce workers who kept China fed during the coronavirus pandemic, making their billionaire bosses even richer, are so unhappy with their pay and treatment that one just set himself on fire in protest. China’s internet industries already were known for long, demanding days. With millions of families confined at home, Continue Reading

‘Victim-blaming’ advert for make-up wipe withdrawn in China after backlash- Tempemail

A cosmetics company in China was forced to pull an advert for make-up removal wipes after it prompted a widespread backlash on social media for victim-blaming.  Produced by Chinese cotton brand Purcotton, the advert shows a woman being stalked in a dim-light alley.  As the stalker catches up with the Continue Reading

‘Even mourning is said to shame China’: women of Wuhan fight to be heard | China- Tempemail

“When people from other places come to Wuhan now, they would have a feeling that nothing ever happened here,” said Ai Xiaoming, sitting in the book-filled study of her home in the city at the heart of China’s coronavirus outbreak last January. “It feels like they know nothing about the Continue Reading

Twitter removes China US embassy post saying Uighur women no longer ‘baby-making machines’ | China- Tempemail

Twitter has removed a post by China’s US embassy claiming that Uighur women have been “emancipated” from extremism and were no longer “baby-making machines”. The post linked to an article denying allegations of forced sterilisation in Xinjiang. Twitter said the post had “violated the Twitter rules” but did not provide Continue Reading