Wake up! Identify API Vulnerabilities Proactively, From Code Back to Production – Tempemail

After more than 20 years in the making, now it’s official: APIs are everywhere. In a 2021 survey, 73% of enterprises reported that they already publish more than 50 APIs, and this number is constantly growing. APIs have crucial roles to play in virtually every industry today, and their importance Continue Reading

Learn to Code — Get 2021 Master Bundle of 13 Online Courses @ 99% OFF – Tempemail

Whether you are looking to turn into a full-time developer or simply increasing your earnings in your current niche, learning to code can be a smart move. It is a well-known fact that recruiters strive to recruit people with technical skills, and these skills are a great way to build Continue Reading

GitHub Launches ‘Copilot’ — AI-Powered Code Completion Tool – Tempemail

GitHub on Tuesday launched a technical preview of a new AI-powered pair programming tool that aims to help software developers write better code across a variety of programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go. Copilot, as the code synthesizer is called, has been developed in collaboration with OpenAI, Continue Reading

GitHub Updates Policy to Remove Exploit Code When Used in Active Attacks – Tempemail

Code-hosting platform GitHub Friday officially announced a series of updates to the site’s policies that delve into how the company deals with malware and exploit code uploaded to its service. “We explicitly permit dual-use security technologies and content related to research into vulnerabilities, malware, and exploits,” the Microsoft-owned company said. Continue Reading

A New Bug in Siemens PLCs Could Let Hackers Run Malicious Code Remotely – Tempemail

Siemens on Friday shipped firmed updates to address a severe vulnerability in SIMATIC S7-1200 and S7-1500 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) that could be exploited by a malicious actor to remotely gain access to protected areas of the memory and achieve unrestricted and undetected code execution, in what the researchers describe Continue Reading

EU cites ‘anti-vaccine campaign’ as reason to toughen social media code | Social media- Tempemail

A “massive anti-vaccination campaign” has been cited by the European Commission as a reason for social media platforms to intensify their factchecking and revise the internal algorithms that can amplify disinformation. Under a revised code of practice proposed by Brussels, companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter would need to Continue Reading

Rapid7 Source Code Breached in Codecov Supply-Chain Attack – Tempemail

Cybersecurity company Rapid7 on Thursday revealed that unidentified actors improperly managed to get hold of a small portion of its source code repositories in the aftermath of the software supply chain compromise targeting Codecov earlier this year. “A small subset of our source code repositories for internal tooling for our Continue Reading

Minnesota University Apologizes for Contributing Malicious Code to the Linux Project – Tempemail

Researchers from the University of Minnesota apologized to the maintainers of Linux Kernel Project on Saturday for intentionally including vulnerabilities in the project’s code, which led to the school being banned from contributing to the open-source project in the future. “While our goal was to improve the security of Linux, Continue Reading

Malicious code in APKPure app- Tempemail

Recently, we’ve found malicious code in version 3.17.18 of the official client of the APKPure app store. The app is not on Google Play, but it is itself a quite a popular app store around the world. Most likely, its infection is a repeat of the CamScanner incident, when the Continue Reading

PHP Site’s User Database Was Hacked In Recent Source Code Backdoor Attack – Tempemail

The maintainers of the PHP programming language have issued an update regarding the security incident that came to light late last month, stating that the actors may have gotten hold of a user database containing their passwords to make unauthorized changes to the repository. “We no longer believe the git.php.net Continue Reading