Turkey’s labourers take to TikTok to show millions their harsh work conditions – video | World news- Tempemail

Workers in Turkish factories, construction sites and fields have become the unlikely stars of TikTok, revealing harsh and dangerous conditions in posts with millions of views. Turkey, ranked among the ’10 worst countries in the world for workers’, is one of TikTok’s largest user bases, with approximately 19.2 million users. Continue Reading

‘Fake’ Twitter users rush to Amazon’s defence over unions and working conditions | Amazon

Sign up for the Guardian Today US newsletter A surge of “fake” Twitter accounts have emerged to defend Amazon and push back against criticism of working conditions at the company amid a fiercely fought union election for the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama. Many of the account handles start with Continue Reading

Facebook moderators ‘told not to discuss working conditions’ | Facebook

Facebook has been accused of using nondisclosure agreements to try to build a “wall of secrecy” and prevent its moderators from discussing working conditions with Leo Varadkar, the Irish tánaiste (deputy PM). The moderators claim that Facebook warned them they could not break a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) they had signed Continue Reading

UK must compel Amazon to improve worker conditions, say unions | Technology

The UK government should use the influence it has over Amazon through £630m of state contracts to compel the company to improve conditions for workers, trade unions have said. The TUC issued a report criticising Amazon’s employment practices on Monday the eve of Prime Day – an annual event when Continue Reading

Huawei has ‘clear conditions’ to stay involved in UK 5G – Networking- Tempemail

Huawei has clear conditions to meet for Britain to continue to allow its involvement in the development of 5G telecoms infrastructure, Britain’s health minister said on Sunday, after a report that the firm would be banned from the project. Officials are drawing up proposals to stop installing Huawei Technologies equipment Continue Reading

If we want better conditions for Amazon staff we need to be patient… | Opinion

Tim Bray resigned as an Amazon vice-president last week. “Who he?” I hear you say. And why is this news significant? Answers: first, Bray is an ubergeek who’s an alumnus of many of the outfits in tech’s hall of fame (including DEC, Sun Microsystems, the OED project at the University Continue Reading

Amazon fires employees critical of working conditions during pandemic – Training & Development- Tempemail

Amazon on Tuesday it had fired three critics of the company’s pandemic response for workplace violations, dismissals that drew sharp words from US Senator Bernie Sanders and a labor coalition. The company on Friday fired two user experience designers, Maren Costa and Emily Cunningham, for what it called repeated violations Continue Reading

‘Amazon clearly values profits’: workers call for safer conditions amid pandemic | Technology

Workers at Amazon’s warehouse and shipping facilities say they fear going to work amid the coronavirus outbreak, and called on the company to do more to improve safety. “We have no more wipes and hand sanitizer. We aren’t provided masks, don’t have the proper gloves, and not everything is being Continue Reading

The tech v creativity debate: agencies need to create ‘ideal conditions’ for talent- Tempemail

Is the technology marketers now have at their fingertips making them more creative, or is data making advertising dull: that was one of the many big questions posed to marketers at Tempemail’s ongoing Digital Transformation Festival this week. “I’ve always seen technology as an enabler rather than the answer,” mused Continue Reading