Lead generation: What we’ve learned so far during the covid-19 pandemic- Tempemail

Many agencies will be desperately wanting to focus on new business currently, but they will be feeling very unsure over how to proceed, and whether proceeding at all is even acceptable. Working with 40 agencies on their lead generation, here are the questions we’ve been asked and the answers based Continue Reading

Couple live-streams wedding during coronavirus lockdown – video | World news- Tempemail

A ban on weddings, and other public events did not deter one couple from ‘tying the knot’ in Slough over the weekend. While it wasn’t a legally recognised ceremony, David Howell and Brenda Rolfe made vows to each other in front of their pastor who appeared on a YouTube live Continue Reading

Is this the future of film? How to finish a shoot when the coronavirus strikes | Film- Tempemail

Who says everything in the film business has ground to a halt? Some directors are finding ways of keeping the cameras rolling. Timur Bekmambetov, best known outside Russia for making the Angelina Jolie thriller Wanted, was midway through filming his second world war fighter-ace film V2: Escape from Hell when Continue Reading

Working from home has made viral influencers of all us – and it’s exposing our class divides- Tempemail

Days spent videoconferencing are making me feel like a crap influencer as we are all forced to blur our public and private selves. It’s yet another way that the spread of coronavirus and life under lockdown is making class disparities more visible. The pandemic was already raising big, urgent questions Continue Reading

The FA reinforces lockdown messaging with ‘Football’s Staying Home’ campaign- Tempemail

The FA has released a topical twist on a familiar refrain with ‘Football’s Staying Home’ — an impassioned plea from some of the beautiful game’s biggest stars for people to stay indoors. Introducing #FootballsStayingHome! We’ll let our captains tell you more. Over to you, @stephhoughton2 and @HKane… pic.twitter.com/ATbKoh0Rlw — England Continue Reading

Untied from WeWork, Meetup readies for a post-coronavirus marketing blitz- Tempemail

IRL social platform Meetup has divested from WeWork and moved its entire offering to the digital realm in the space of a month. But its chief executive is already thinking ahead to the next phase: a time when Covid-19 fades away, events are permitted, and the brand can take a Continue Reading

Israel taps mobile data to find likely coronavirus carriers – Strategy – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Israel’s defence ministry plans to use software that analyses data gathered from mobile phones – produced, according to Israeli media, by the spyware firm NSO – to help locate likely carriers of the coronavirus in order to test them. Defence Minister Naftali Bennett told reporters that the “coronameter” would need Continue Reading

‘Like Glastonbury tickets’ – Britons chase online grocery slots in coronavirus crisis – Finance – Strategy- Tempemail

British supermarkets are frantically trying to build up their online operations during the coronavirus emergency but no matter how hard they work they will not have enough capacity to meet unprecedented levels of demand. That has prompted the industry to call on Britons able to safely visit a supermarket to Continue Reading

Apps and coronavirus: what you need to know about protecting your privacy | World news

If you are one of the millions of Australians working from home and resorting to apps to maintain a social life online in the coronavirus pandemic, it is as important as ever to look at what and how much information you may be unwittingly sharing with them. What should I Continue Reading

Microsoft says Skype users surge 70 percent amid coronavirus outbreak – Networking – Software- Tempemail

The number of people using Microsoft’s Skype video calling system has surged by 70 percent in a month to 40 million people presently, as more individuals stay home due to the coronavirus outbreak, the company said on Monday. Skype-to-Skype calling minutes jumped 220 percent from a month earlier, the company Continue Reading