Sid Meier’s Memoir review – Civilization creator is all about fun | Books

One billion hours, veteran game designer Sid Meier notes in this light and enjoyable memoir, is an unfathomable length of time. And yet it took just six years for players to spend a billion cumulative hours on the fifth iteration of Meier’s engrossing Civilization series, a nation-building game that has Continue Reading

Pokémon Go creator joins Punchdrunk theatre for interactive venture | Games

Immersive theatre company Punchdrunk, best known for its Macbeth production Sleep No More, and augmented-reality game developer Niantic, creator of augmented-reality smartphone games Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, are teaming up to create “interactive experiences”, the companies announced today. They are not working on extensions to existing games Continue Reading

Second Life creator jettisons social VR platform Sansar

In a nutshell: Second Life developer Linden Lab has thrown in the towel on Sansar, the spiritual successor to Second Life. The social platform isn’t disappearing, however, as San Francisco-based technology company Wookey Project Corp. has taken ownership of the asset effective immediately. Financial terms of the sale were not Continue Reading

Naughty Dog and ‘Chernobyl’ creator partner to pen ‘The Last of Us TV’ series for HBO

In brief: With film studios churning out video game adaptations left and right, it’s probably no surprise to find out a TV show based on The Last of Us has been green lighted. Games usually have trouble translating to film. Often the writing is horrible, but in this case the Continue Reading

League of Legends creator reveals new team-based shooter, Valorant | Games

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced its next game, Valorant. Teased for several weeks as Project A, it is a team-based shooter for the PC set on a near-future Earth where a catacylsmic event has reshaped the geopolitics of the planet. Players choose from a selection of eight Continue Reading

Creator of copy and paste command, Larry Tesler, dies aged 74 | Technology

Tributes have been paid to Larry Tesler, the computer scientist who introduced the cut, copy and paste commands, after his death at age 74. The Stanford University graduate, who was a pioneer of early computing, died on Monday in San Francisco. He worked for blue-chip firms including Apple, Amazon and Continue Reading

As Peta retires ‘I’d Rather Go Naked’, its creator looks back on 30 years of sexy activism- Tempemail

“‘I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur’ really started in the streets,” says Peta’s senior vice-president of campaigns, Dan Matthews. He would know – he started it. In 1992, Matthews was a 28-year-old activist making a name for himself by devising media-grabbing stunts. He had flown from the US to Continue Reading

Chipotle calls timeout on traditional advertising with TikTok creator partnership- Tempemail

US fast-food restaurant Chipotle is eschewing traditional advertising in favour of a high stakes partnership with some of TikTok’s best-known creators to reach sports fans. The pairing will see the likes of David Dobrik, Brittany Broski and Zach King speak to fans directly throughout the match to inform them of Continue Reading