Kim Kardashian West accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ over earrings in new photoshoot- Tempemail

Kim Kardashian West is facing criticism on social media after she posted pictures of herself wearing earrings bearing the “Om” symbol. The “Om” is a sacred sound and spiritual symbol in Indian religions including Hinduism and Buddhism. Taking to Twitter on Sunday 23 May, Kim shared photographs from a shoot styled and shot Continue Reading

The Wiggles star apologises after ‘Pappadum Song’ from 2014 faces cultural sensitivity backlash- Tempemail

A member of the hit Australian children’s musical group The Wiggles has apologised after a clip from 2014 was deemed “culturally insensitive”. “The Pappadum Song” was originally featured on the Wiggle House release, and sees purple Wiggle Lachlan sing the word “pappadum” over and over again, alongside the other Wiggles, Continue Reading

YouTube Advertising: How to tap into cultural moments- Tempemail

If you happened to be in England last summer, you will remember two things: First, it was really rather hot. Second, though, was an appropriate companion to the weather: The World Cup. Skinner and Badiel’s Three Lions, in which the lyrics “football’s coming home” start in a whisper, growing to Continue Reading