‘People are nasty as hell on there’: the battle to close Tattle – the most hate-filled corner of the web | Cyberbullying- Tempemail

Abbie Draper was so excited when she heard there was to be a big Tattle reveal that she set a reminder on her phone. On Friday, 1 October, at 7pm, Andy Malone was going to reveal the identity of the founder of the notorious website Tattle Life – the mysterious Continue Reading

The state of stalkerware in 2020- Tempemail

 The state of stalkerware in 2020 (PDF) Main findings Kaspersky’s data shows that the scale of the stalkerware issue has not improved much in 2020 compared to the last year: The number of people affected is still high. In total, 53,870 of our mobile users were affected globally by stalkerware Continue Reading

Dox, steal, reveal. Where does your personal data end up?- Tempemail

The technological shift that we have been experiencing for the last few decades is astounding, not least because of its social implications. Every year the online and offline spheres have become more and more connected and are now completely intertwined, leading to online actions having real consequences in the physical Continue Reading

Online violence against women ‘flourishing’, and most common on Facebook, survey finds | Cyberbullying

A landmark survey has revealed shocking accounts of escalating online violence against girls and women across more than 20 countries, with respondents exposed to explicit messages, pornographic photos, cyberstalking and other forms of internet abuse. Attacks are most common on Facebook, followed by Instagram and WhatsApp, according to the Plan Continue Reading

Little Mix on how social media can impact body image: ‘Perfection can never be met’- Tempemail

Little Mix have opened up about the impact social media can have on body image and mental health. In a new interview with the Evening Standard, the British girl group discussed how social media feeds into the need to always look “perfect” and how it affects their mental health. “It’s Continue Reading

After the tragic death of Mike Thalassitis, there is no justification for Twitter users bringing back the cruel ‘Muggy Mike’ hashtag- Tempemail

Like the good Samaritans they are, the producers at ITV jumped in to save us from our collective January blues this year, with an additional series of Love Island that kicked off some five months before the usual scheduling.  No longer forced to wait until the summer months to sit Continue Reading

Instagram to warn users over ‘bullying’ language in captions

Instagram is to warn its users when they are using language in their captions that may be perceived as offensive or bullying. The social media company said it will use artificial intelligence to spot language in captions that could be deemed potentially harmful. A similar feature, which alerts users when Continue Reading

Coalition outlines plan to pressure internet giants over cyberbullying | Society

The Morrison government is putting internet giants on notice about cyberbullying, outlining a plan to tackle the problem in a new cyber safety consultation paper released by the communications minister. Cyber safety was one of the only fully formed policies Scott Morrison put forward during the May election campaign, with Continue Reading

Facebook to try to protect children of Hong Kong police officers who have suffered cyberbullying

Facebook is moving to protect the children of Hong Kong police officers after they became victims of cyberbullying and doxxing attacks during the city’s ongoing protests. The new policy, which came into force globally in September, sees Facebook removing content designed to identify children and create risks to their safety. Continue Reading