‘It took a year to get help’: generation Z on mental health decline | Mental health- Tempemail

It was while browsing on social media at the age of 13 that Hannah realised she had an eating disorder. Seeing other girls and women talking about their experiences, she thought: “This is me.” Since that moment, the now 17-year-old has been on a path to recovery, which includes recently Continue Reading

Notable decline in mean fixed broadband speed in India in March: Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index- Tempemail

Read Article Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, recently released updates to its Speedtest Global Index. As of March, the Index ranks India 130th for mobile, 2 spots down compared to February 2020. India also dropped two spots on fixed broadband and is now ranked 71st globally in that category. According to Continue Reading

Global smartphone shipments experienced the biggest decline in history last month

The big picture: The smartphone industry suffered greatly last month according to a new report from Strategy Analytics and with the coronavirus situation only getting worse, the prospect of a quick recovery doesn’t seem likely. Shipments dipped 38 percent year-over-year, from 99.2 million units in February 2019 to just 61.8 Continue Reading

As cookies decline, three adtech companies are pushing into connected TV- Tempemail

As third-party cookies go away and more people cut the cord, three adtech companies are looking to shore up their connected TV businesses. Advertisers have less than two years left to use third-party cookies to target users on the open web. Connected TV doesn’t support cookies, but the relatively new Continue Reading

PlayStation 4 console and game sales decline as PS5 approaches

In a nutshell: The PlayStation 4 has been a resounding success for Sony, but with its successor arriving this year, sales declined 25 percent over the holiday season. There were 6.1 million units sold in the three months ending December 31, 2019, down from 8.1 million units during the same Continue Reading

Video Advertising: How to reach premium audiences with the decline of TV- Tempemail

Growing up in the nineties, it was assumed knowledge that sitting glued an inch from the television would make one’s eyes go square. Not that it stopped us from spending long hours channel-hopping, praying for a certain video to play often to no avail. It’s a far shout from the Continue Reading

Why a decline in social media use is pushing programmatic into new channels- Tempemail

As consumers spend less and less time on social media platforms such as Facebook, programmatic advertising is being forced to adapt, and this is driving it into new channels. Speaking at Tempemail’s Programmatic Punch event on a panel exploring the new frontiers for programmatic, Samuel Huber, founder and chief executive Continue Reading

Children’s exposure to harmful ads continues to decline- Tempemail

The number of harmful TV adverts, such as for alcohol, gambling and products high in fat, salt or sugar (HFFS), has continued to decline according to new figures from the Advertising Standards Association. The report follows research it conducted over a four year period, which found children’s exposure to TV Continue Reading

YouTube creators to see decline in subscriber count amid removal of closed accounts on the platform

Why it matters: With a place as lively as YouTube, receiving tweaks on a major or minor scale is a fairly regular occurrence that sometimes requires content creators to be on their toes. The latest change involves warning them about a decline in subscriber count after the platform rids itself Continue Reading

Apple saw double-digit decline in global iPhone sales in Q3 2019

The big picture: The top five smartphone vendors in terms of global shipment volume have remained the same throughout the third quarter of 2019. Apple is registering a noticeable but not unexpected decline in sales, as people are looking for value-oriented options and possibly holding out for 5G-ready iPhones that Continue Reading