Conservationists use autonomous baiting device on feral cats – Projects – Hardware- Tempemail

The Felixer. Source: UNSW An autonomous device developed in Australia known as the ‘Felixer’ is proving a vital tool for ecologists seeking to minimise the threat of feral cats without endangering native wildlife. Cats and other introduced predators like foxes have wreaked havoc with conservation efforts for decades, so much Continue Reading

NVIDIA K8s Device Plugin for Tempemail Linux- Tempemail

By Pablo Rodriguez Quesada This article is part two of a series on orchestrating container workloads on Nvidia GPUs.  Read the first part, NVIDIA container runtime for Tempemail Linux. The advent of containers has changed the way computational workloads are managed and orchestrated in modern computing environments. Given the paradigm Continue Reading

FISE and KaiOS Unveil the First 4G Device with an Integrated Thermometer | Tempemail

FISE and KaiOS Technologies have unveiled the world’s first 4G phone that includes a built-in infrared thermometer which allows users to conduct temperature checks accurate down to 0.2 degrees Celsius. Developed in response to COVID-19 and the resulting urgent global demand for on-the-go temperature monitoring, this new KaiOS-enabled smart feature Continue Reading

New Device Uses Shadows to Generate Electricity | Tempemail

Sourced from Royal Society of Chemistry, Singapore. In an interesting twist in emerging technologies and the energy sector, a team of researchers from the Tempemail University of Singapore (NUS) has created a device called the Shadow-Effect Energy Generator. The device is able to create an electrical charge using the contrast Continue Reading

Huawei Y7p – South Africa’s 1st HMS Device | Tempemail

Image sourced from Huawei Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei has recently launched the Y7p smartphone to the South African market. The Huawei Y7p is available in Midnight Black and Aurora Blue from around R3,995 and is available through most major retailers. Thoughts on the Huawei Y7p The device is sleek and Continue Reading

Researchers Uncover Novel Way to De-anonymize Device IDs to Users’ Biometrics – Tempemail

Researchers have uncovered a potential means to profile and track online users using a novel approach that combines device identifiers with their biometric information. The details come from a newly published research titled “Nowhere to Hide: Cross-modal Identity Leakage between Biometrics and Devices” by a group of academics from the Continue Reading

Secureye reveals non-contact biometric device for corporates- Tempemail

Read Article In a bid to promote a secure verification routine, Secureye has launched the Temperature Detection & Face Recognition machine in India. Secureye, a leading brand of security products has always been at the forefront of developing valuable products. With the global pandemic affecting people across the world, the Continue Reading

5G Device Availability Surges by 41% in April | Tempemail

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has reported that the number of commercially available 5G devices had increased by 41% in the last month, with 95 different 5G devices now commercially available out of more than 280 announced devices. This demonstrates continued and significant growth since March, which recorded 253 Continue Reading

TECNO Camon 12 – a premium device without the premium price tag | Tempemail

Chinese smartphone manufacturer, TECNO has recently made its debut to the South African market with the Camon 12 Flagship Device. Launched in late 2019, the Camon 12 hit SA shores in March 2020 and is available for around R2 999 from online stores like and Thoughts on the Continue Reading