TikTok hits back at ‘misinformation’ about its ties to China in submission to Senate inquiry | Technology

Video messaging app TikTok has hit back at what it says is “misinformation” about its connection to China, characterising itself as a global platform with “strict controls around security and data access”. The hugely popular platform has used a submission to the Senate inquiry into foreign interference through social media Continue Reading

Making a demon of JK Rowling is a wretched sport, born of misogyny and resentment | Catherine Bennett | Opinion- Tempemail

The most powerful way to attack a book, Salman Rushdie writes in his memoir, Joseph Anton, “is to demonise its author, to turn him into a creature of base motives and evil intentions”. The same thing, it turns out, can be said of a “her”. Now that Twitter content doubles Continue Reading

Trump says he approves TikTok Oracle deal which may include Walmart | Technology- Tempemail

Donald Trump has said he “approves a deal in concept” that will allow TikTok to continue to operate in the US, after threatening to ban the Chinese-owned app. The president told reporters at the White House he was giving the deal with Oracle “my blessing” and that US national security Continue Reading

Rohit Roy’s soft-drink addiction battle turns him into TikTok star | Technology- Tempemail

People get famous for plenty of bizarre reasons, but even in the age of the internet, it’s hard to imagine a more inexplicable or heartwarming rise to popularity than that of Rohit Roy. The 41-year-old financial planning assistant from Melbourne has amassed hundreds of thousands of devoted and loving fans Continue Reading

After We Collided: does this shock hit point the way to cinema’s future? | Film- Tempemail

Its success has been hailed as “extraordinary” – not least because no one saw it coming. The YA romance After We Collided has next to no marketing budget and zero reviews – and has taken more than £1m after just two weeks in the UK. A few weeks ago, it Continue Reading

QAnon conspiracy theory gaining ground in UK, analysis shows | US news- Tempemail

A conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is waging a secret war against an elite who engage in ritual child abuse is growing across UK social media, Guardian analysis has found. The QAnon conspiracy theory is propelled by an unlikely coalition of spirituality and wellness groups, vigilante “paedophile hunter” networks, pre-existing Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian criticises social media platforms for spreading hate | Life and style- Tempemail

Kim Kardashian West criticised Instagram and Facebook for allowing the “spreading of hate” and said she would freeze her social media accounts on the platforms. She added that inaccurate social media posts have “a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy”, and urged others to also suspend their Continue Reading

Facebook suffers blow in Australia legal fight over Cambridge Analytica | Technology- Tempemail

Facebook has been dealt a blow in its fight to fend off Australian legal action surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with the tech giant failing to convince the federal court it does not carry out business in Australia. In March, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) sued Facebook Continue Reading

TikTok to host its own month-long digital fashion event | Fashion- Tempemail

The social media platform TikTok has announced its own fashion month as a digital innovation aimed at rivaling the physical fashion weeks that take place around the world as well as to try to threaten Instagram’s supremacy over fashion content online. The month-long event will begin on Friday and ends Continue Reading

What do writers gain – and lose – when they eschew social media? | Stephanie Merritt | Opinion- Tempemail

Last week, when Maggie O’Farrell won the Women’s prize for fiction for her historical novel Hamnet, a chorus of celebration erupted all over social media. Or at least that part of it inhabited by the literary world. O’Farrell is a writer’s writer, much loved and respected by colleagues as well Continue Reading