Who will deal with your online presence when you die? How to create a ‘digital will’ | Social media

Two things are certain in life: death and the internet. With so many day-to-day functions, tasks and memories now taking place online, the question of what will become of your digital legacy – who will preserve, control or delete your accounts when you are gone – has become increasingly important. Continue Reading

Digital fashion: This outfit will set you back £780 … and it’s just an illusion | Fashion- Tempemail

I’m in my suburban garden wearing an electric blue bodysuit which makes me look part water-sprite, part cyborg. Tendrils coil around my limbs. Impossible violet petals unfurl at my feet and explode around my body. What will the neighbours think? Actually, if the neighbours looked they would see me shuffling Continue Reading

NFTs are helping artists solve a vital problem: who owns digital artwork? | Digital art

The artist Kevin Abosch has sold a picture of a potato for $1.5m, made a neon sculpture inspired by cryptocurrency, and even sold his own blood on the blockchain. So in many ways, entering the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) was the next logical step for the 51-year-old Irish artist, Continue Reading

Bottega Veneta ditches Instagram to set up ‘digital journal’ | Fashion- Tempemail

Bottega Veneta has been the hottest fashion house on social media since the British designer Daniel Lee arrived at the Milanese label less than three years ago. The model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley posted no fewer than 39 selfies featuring her “Pouch” handbag in the space of three months. When four British Continue Reading

Can anyone become an NFT collector? I tried it to find out | Digital art

For years, I’ve kept an ever-growing record of interesting pictures I discover online in a folder entitled Images on my desktop: a fox sauntering through an art gallery; a pixelated rendering of a Tokyo streetscape; Jon Bon Jovi doing yoga. They’re sentimental reminders of things I’ve seen online, but I Continue Reading

Liberals want to blame rightwing ‘misinformation’ for our problems. Get real | Digital media- Tempemail

One day in March 2015, I sat in a theater in New York City and took careful notes as a series of personages led by Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates described the dazzling sunburst of liberation that was coming our way thanks to entrepreneurs, foundations and Silicon Valley. The presentation Continue Reading

A jpeg for $70m: welcome to the strange world of cryptocurrency art | Digital art

On 11 March, one of the art world’s signature can-you-believe-it moments made global headlines: a digital-only artwork sold for more than $69m, the third highest price ever paid for an artwork at auction. It was a digital collage by the artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, who until October had Continue Reading

From Tipperary to Silicon Valley: how Stripe became vital cog in digital economy | Technology sector

The latest fundraising round by the digital payments firm Stripe has boosted the net worth of its co-founders, Patrick and John Collison, to about $11.5bn (£8.3bn) each, catapulting them into the top bracket of the world’s millennial billionaires. Not bad for two brothers from the tiny Tipperary village of Dromineer, Continue Reading