Washington Post column criticised for likening MTG to Cruella: ‘Don’t insult Cruella like that’- Tempemail

A Washington Post column comparing controversial Republican lawmaker Marjorie-Taylor Greene to Cruella de Vil has been criticised on social media, but not for the reason you might think. Social media users were quick to call out the newspaper for likening the freshman Republican to the Disney anti-hero, saying that the Continue Reading

When missing people don’t want to be found: ‘I’d removed myself to push the world away’ | Life and style- Tempemail

At 10pm on Friday 29 January 2016, Esther Beadle closed the front door and walked out of her life. A journalist at the Oxford Mail, she was seen leaving her shared house in Cowley, about an hour’s walk from the centre of Oxford. Then she was gone. When she didn’t Continue Reading

More than half of UK businesses don’t use social media to promote themselves, poll finds- Tempemail

A staggering six in 10 businesses still don’t use social media to boost their customer base, according to a poll. Despite it being one of the most popular forms of communication, a study of 500 owners of small to medium sized organisations found more than a quarter don’t post on Continue Reading

Ai Weiwei says he’s changed his mind about social media: ‘They will not allow what they don’t like’- Tempemail

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has warned that social media’s potential to aid freedom of speech and protect civil rights is being curtailed by their owner’s commercial interests. The 63-year-old dissident is a frequent user of Twitter and Instagram and has been a long-time champion of social media, particularly Continue Reading

Back up pictures – and don’t forget prints: nine ways to organise your photographs | Photography

If you’re anything like me, then your phone is full to bursting with unsorted photographs. If I were to die tomorrow, and my loved ones used my photo roll to better understand me, they’d be confronted by several shots of exactly the same thing, a bunch of blurred documents and Continue Reading

Instagram has looked deep into my soul – and I really don’t like what it has found there | Zoe Williams

You are worried about what social media giants know about you, because of course you are. Data is gold; algorithms, also gold. If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. One day soon, all this will be robots. The connection between those last three statements isn’t logical: Continue Reading

Ray Mears: Life is the most precious gift we have from nature – I certainly don’t want to waste it- Tempemail

He’s the TV bushcraft expert that’s travelled to some of the wildest regions of the planet, from the tropical lushness of the Amazon rainforest to the chilly wilds of the Arctic – but Ray Mears says his favourite place to ramble is still right here in Britain. “We have the Continue Reading

My advice for any politicians thinking of joining TikTok? Don’t | TikTok- Tempemail

At 33, I recognise that I am too old for TikTok, the Chinese-owned super-platform on which teenagers mouth along to songs and make super-short funny videos. I am at peace with this. As a child of the internet, someone who has worked through MySpace and Facebook and Twitter and Instagram Continue Reading

Don’t feed the trolls? It’s terrible advice for female sports journalists | Sport- Tempemail

My first experience with mass trolling was in 2013. I had recently published a piece that attempted to dispel some of the myths about the behavior of rape victims by sharing, for the first time, my own rape story. I’d written it in response to all the slut‑shaming comments I’d Continue Reading

‘I don’t want to upset people’: Tom Cruise deepfake creator speaks out | TikTok

Joining TikTok has become something of a trend for Hollywood celebrities stuck at home like everyone else. So it wasn’t necessarily surprising to see Tom Cruise on the app, sharing videos of himself playing golf and pratfalling around the house. But the strange thing is that Cruise never actually made Continue Reading