Uber accused of using ‘loaded questions’ in survey of drivers | Uber

Uber has been accused of using “loaded questions” in a consultation with drivers, after a landmark court ruling handed workers rights to improved conditions. The firm may have to pay out over £100m in compensation to 10,000 drivers, after the UK supreme court ruled last week they are entitled to Continue Reading

Uber drivers are workers, UK supreme court rules | Uber

The UK supreme court has dismissed Uber’s appeal against a landmark employment tribunal ruling that its drivers should be classed as workers with access to the minimum wage and paid holidays. Six justices handed down a unanimous decision backing the October 2016 employment tribunal ruling that could affect millions of Continue Reading

Google Maps postcode error leads delivery drivers on wild pizza chase | Consumer affairs

If Simon Borghs wanted to eat a takeaway pizza fresh out of the box, he would have to sit in the local park. Taking a taxi meant lengthy discussions with the driver to ensure that he got to his flat. Getting a delivery meant walking down the road with his Continue Reading

Uber bought itself a law. Here’s why that’s dangerous for struggling drivers like me | Cherri Murphy | Opinion

Last week, Uber bought itself a law. Along with Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash and Postmates, app companies spent more than $200m – the most spent on any ballot campaign in US history – to bankroll Proposition 22 in California. With its passage, the law will now exempt drivers like me from Continue Reading

6 Drivers of Technology Resilience during the Pandemic- Tempemail

With public health restrictions returning as the cold weather sets in, we see 6 key drivers of technology resilience that CTOs, CIOs and even CEOs need to remain focused on as COVID-19 continues to unfold. Pentalog is here to help in these troubled times, so we’re offering our IT outsourcing Continue Reading

Privacy concerns as Uber Eats drivers start taking photos of ID for alcohol orders | Technology

Uber’s food delivery drivers are now required to take a photo of the driver’s licence or other ID of people who order alcohol but, Uber Eats has insisted, the pictures won’t be retained. Uber Eats has advised Victorian customers ordering alcohol that from Thursday 29 October “delivery partners will need Continue Reading

California Uber and Lyft drivers brace for shutdown over worker classification | Business

Uber and Lyft drivers are bracing for a shutdown in California, one of the rideshare companies’ largest markets. For drivers it is a bittersweet moment. One that couldn’t come at a worse time and yet holds the promise of a better future. The coronavirus pandemic has hit so-called gig economy Continue Reading

Uber and Lyft must classify drivers as employees, judge rules, in blow to gig economy | Uber

A California judge has issued a preliminary injunction that would block Uber and Lyft from classifying their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. The move on Monday came in response to a May lawsuit filed by the state of California against the companies, which alleged they are misclassifying their Continue Reading

Uber drivers to launch legal bid to uncover app’s algorithm | Technology

Minicab drivers will launch a legal bid to uncover secret computer algorithms used by Uber to manage their work in a test case that could increase transparency for millions of gig economy workers across Europe. Two UK drivers are demanding to see the huge amounts of data the ride-sharing company Continue Reading

Uber connects out-of-work US drivers to delivery, production jobs – Strategy – Training & Development- Tempemail

Uber said on Monday its app will list job openings in the delivery, food production and grocery industry that its US drivers can access during a slump in ride-hailing demand due to the coronavirus. Beginning on Monday, drivers can find job listings of other companies in a new section of Continue Reading