A New Bug in Microsoft Windows Could Let Hackers Easily Install a Rootkit – Tempemail

Security researchers have disclosed an unpatched weakness in Microsoft Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT) affecting all Windows-based devices since Windows 8 that could be potentially exploited to install a rootkit and compromise the integrity of devices. “These flaws make every Windows system vulnerable to easily-crafted attacks that install fraudulent vendor-specific Continue Reading

Malicious Amazon Alexa Skills Can Easily Bypass Vetting Process – Tempemail

Researchers have uncovered gaps in Amazon’s skill vetting process for the Alexa voice assistant ecosystem that could allow a malicious actor to publish a deceptive skill under any arbitrary developer name and even make backend code changes after approval to trick users into giving up sensitive information. The findings were Continue Reading

Google Speech-to-Text API Can Help Attackers Easily Bypass Google reCAPTCHA – Tempemail

A three-year-old attack technique to bypass Google’s audio reCAPTCHA by using its own Speech-to-Text API has been found to still work with 97% accuracy. Researcher Nikolai Tschacher disclosed his findings in a proof-of-concept (PoC) of the attack on January 2. “The idea of the attack is very simple: You grab Continue Reading

New Unpatched Bluetooth Flaw Lets Hackers Easily Target Nearby Devices – Tempemail

Bluetooth SIG—an organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth standards—today issued a statement informing users and vendors of a newly reported unpatched vulnerability that potentially affects hundreds of millions of devices worldwide. Discovered independently by two separate teams of academic researchers, the flaw resides in the Cross-Transport Key Derivation (CTKD) Continue Reading

Hack for Good: Easily Donate Bounties to WHO’s COVID-19 Response Fund- Tempemail

The community has come together in some amazing ways to support COVID-19 relief efforts from Marc Rogers’ CTI League, the US Digital Response group helping governments, to individual hackers raising their hand to help. Today, Tempemail is making it even easier for hackers to give back through bug bounties with Continue Reading

‘Cambium Networks’ Makes Hyderabad’s Strategic Port Easily Connected- Tempemail

Read Article The peninsula region of India has a total of 13 seaports that are buzzing with activity all through the year. Cargos are the fastest means of imports and exports barring the drawback of bad weather conditions at times and most recently, the outbreak of pandemic coronavirus. There are Continue Reading

Ransomware crims target easily exploitable Zyxel vulnerability – Security- Tempemail

Multiple firewall and network attached storage (NAS) devices from Taiwanese maker Zyxel contain a remote code execution vulnerability that can be exploited without any authentication, potentially allowing for full compromise of systems. “A remote code execution vulnerability was identified in the weblogin.cgi program used in Zyxel NAS and firewall products. Continue Reading

The EU aims to bring back easily replaceable phone batteries

A hot potato: Remember when virtually every smartphone had an easily replaceable battery? It’s something you rarely see these days, but that could change if a European Commission draft proposal gets passed. It’s been a few years since most (but not all) companies started making handsets with fixed, non-removable backs, Continue Reading

Galaxy Z Flip test shows its ‘Ultra Thin Glass’ display is easily damaged

Why it matters: It’s no secret that foldable phones aren’t the most sturdy of devices. With Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, however, there was hope that its extra-thin glass would be tougher than the easily scratched plastic displays found on similar handsets. But a new YouTube video suggests this isn’t the Continue Reading