AFP did not interview Angus Taylor over false document before dropping investigation | Australia news- Tempemail

The Australian Federal Police did not interview Angus Taylor before concluding further investigation would not substantiate whether an offence had been committed in relation to a letter he signed containing inflated data about City of Sydney council’s travel spending. The AFP commissioner, Reece Kershaw, told reporters at the Tempemail Press Continue Reading

CIA has been secretly selling encryption equipment in 120 countries through Crypto AG for decades

A hot potato: Encryption is supposed to be one of the most effective ways to secure data and communications. Sometimes, that fails spectacularly in the face of clever tactics such as those employed by the CIA for decades. It turns out US intelligence and German intelligence secretly owned the leading Continue Reading

Indian panel wants encryption broken in fight against child abuse content – Security – Software – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

Indian enforcement agencies should be able to break end-to-end encryption to hunt down distributors of child pornography online, a parliamentary panel has urged as the south Asian nation looks to regulate social media. The panel met officials of companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp before preparing Saturday’s report, Continue Reading

Trump criticises Apple’s encryption stance on Pensacola phones – Security- Tempemail

US President Donald Trump lashed out at Apple on Tuesday, castigating the iPhone maker for what he said was its refusal to unlock phones used by criminals while benefiting from government help on trade. Trump’s tweet came amid the investigation into the fatal shooting of three Americans by a Saudi Continue Reading

Modern encryption vulnerable to a powerful Quantum computer

In the new DigiCert survey, what are the findings as per the Post Quantum Cryptography is concerned and what measures do you suggest to enhance cyber security?The survey generated a number of interesting results. First, we found that awareness of the threat that quantum computing poses to encryption is high. Continue Reading

US senators threaten Facebook, Apple with encryption regulation – Hardware – Networking – Security

US senators grilled Apple Inc and Facebook Inc executives over their encryption practices on Tuesday and threatened to regulate the technology unless the companies make encrypted user data accessible to law enforcement. At a US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrats and Republicans presented a rare united front as they invoked Continue Reading

Australia needs to challenge authority if we’re going to confront water, fire and climate crises | Jason Wilson | Opinion

Any shame white Australians might have felt about the country’s origins as a penal colony has long since disappeared. For many decades those with convict ancestors have tended to proudly claim them. By the time of my primary education in the 1980s, the crimes of those transported tended to be Continue Reading