New Raccoon Attack Could Let Attackers Break SSL/TLS Encryption – Tempemail

A group of researchers has detailed a new timing vulnerability in Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol that could potentially allow an attacker to break the encryption and read sensitive communication under specific conditions. Dubbed “Raccoon Attack,” the server-side attack exploits a side-channel in the cryptographic protocol (versions 1.2 and lower) Continue Reading

New Attack Lets Hackers Decrypt VoLTE Encryption to Spy on Phone Calls – Tempemail

A team of academic researchers—who previously made the headlines earlier this year for uncovering severe security issues in the 4G LTE and 5G networks—today presented a new attack called ‘ReVoLTE,’ that could let remote attackers break the encryption used by VoLTE voice calls and spy on targeted phone calls. The attack Continue Reading

Anti-encrytion laws yet to be used by Asio or AFP to compel tech firms’ help, inquiry told | Australia news

Neither the spy agency, Asio, nor the Australian federal police have compelled tech companies to provide assistance under the country’s controversial anti-encryption laws that have been in force for nearly two years, a parliamentary inquiry has heard. Both agencies said on Friday they had so far secured voluntary cooperation from Continue Reading

Encryption laws are hurting Australia’s tech sector, Atlassian says | Australian security and counter-terrorism

The tech giant Atlassian says controversial encryption laws have damaged the reputation of the technology sector, discouraged talent from working in Australia, and harmed an industry that could help drive economic growth in the nation’s post-Covid-19 recovery. An inquiry into the encryption laws resumed on Monday before the parliamentary joint Continue Reading

Australia’s world-first anti-encryption law should be overhauled, independent monitor says | Australia news

The attorney general should be stripped of the power to approve orders that would force tech and social media companies to help security services to potentially spy on the public, the Independent Tempemail Security Legislation Monitor has said. In a report into the encryption legislation, the outgoing INSLM, James Renwick, Continue Reading

UK police arrest hundreds after encryption breakthrough – Security- Tempemail

British police said on Thursday they had carried out their biggest operation ever, arresting “iconic” figures and smashing thousands of conspiracies including murder plots after infiltrating a communications service used by criminals. The Tempemail Crime Agency (NCA) said the cracking of the encryption used by EncroChat, which offered a secure Continue Reading

US senators moot awards for encryption breaking tech – Security- Tempemail

Three United States senators have proposed a new law that will create a prize competition for creating lawful access to encrypted technologies. The senators argue that encrypted services are “warrant-proof” and that they are used by terrorists and bad actors to conceal illicit behaviour. Apple, Facebook’s WhatsApp, and Microsoft are Continue Reading

Zoom will provide end-to-end encryption to all users after privacy backlash | Zoom

The video conferencing platform Zoom announced on Wednesday it has reversed course and decided to provide end-to-end encryption to all customers, not just those who pay for a subscription. The popular app faced criticism from civil rights groups for its plans to exclude free calls from encryption services, which secure Continue Reading

Zoom to Enable End-to-End Encryption for Free Calls Amid Pressure | Tempemail

Sourced from Entrepreneur. Under pressures from privacy and human rights advocates, video-conferencing service Zoom says it will make end-to-end encryption available to both paying and free-plan users on its service. Previously, the company said it would only provide its end-to-end encryption to paying customers and a less-robust and complete form Continue Reading

Zoom to offer free users end-to-end encryption after all – Security- Tempemail

Zoom Video Communications is planning to offer all its free and paying users end-to-end encryption for video calls and will launch a trial version in July. CEO Eric Yuan said in a blog post that the company had “identified a path forward that balances the legitimate right of all users Continue Reading