Finland enlists social influencers in fight against Covid-19 | World news- Tempemail

Finland has enlisted social influencers in the government’s efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic, arguing that they are just as useful as mainstream media in a crisis when it needs to inform the population fast, clearly and accurately. “We can reach a large part of the public in Finland through Continue Reading

Is this the future of film? How to finish a shoot when the coronavirus strikes | Film- Tempemail

Who says everything in the film business has ground to a halt? Some directors are finding ways of keeping the cameras rolling. Timur Bekmambetov, best known outside Russia for making the Angelina Jolie thriller Wanted, was midway through filming his second world war fighter-ace film V2: Escape from Hell when Continue Reading

In Europe, tech battle against coronavirus clashes with privacy culture – Cloud – Security – Software- Tempemail

Governments across Europe are turning to technology to track the spread of the coronavirus and monitor people under quarantine, an approach that seeks to learn from Asia but is also putting the region’s privacy rules to the test. From Helsinki to Madrid, applications are being developed for people to report Continue Reading

Sony throttles PlayStation Store download speeds in Europe

In context: With internet usage peaking during the current pandemic crisis, companies with large bandwidth requirements are beginning to cut back on their network speeds. Video streaming services were the first place restrictions by limiting HD resolutions. Sony has joined the effort by limiting download speeds for games sold on Continue Reading

Netflix to slash traffic across Europe to relieve virus strain on internet providers – Networking – Software- Tempemail

Netflix Inc said it will cut traffic by 25 percent on networks across Europe in a relief measure for internet service providers (ISPs) experiencing a surge in usage due to government “shelter in place” orders aimed at slowing the coronavirus outbreak. The streaming giant, which has already deployed a way Continue Reading

Amazon warehouses receive only vital supplies in US, Europe amid coronavirus – Cloud – Networking- Tempemail Inc will only receive vital supplies at its US and UK and other European warehouses until April 5, its latest move to free up inventory space for medical and household goods in high demand as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The change does not mean that Amazon will Continue Reading

UK ministers will no longer claim ‘no successful examples’ of Russian interference | Technology

Ministers have been told they can no longer say there have been “no successful examples” of Russian disinformation affecting UK elections, after the apparent hacking of an NHS dossier seized on by Labour during the last campaign. The dropping of the old line is the first official admission of the Continue Reading

Madrid claps for healthcare workers amid coronavirus lockdown – video | World news- Tempemail

People living in Madrid stood on balconies and leaned out of windows to clap and cheer doctors and healthcare workers on Saturday evening following a campaign launched on social media to show appreciation after the Spanish government declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus. People have been ordered to Continue Reading

Can I move my data to the EU before Google shifts it to the US? | Technology

Given Google’s recent announcement about moving UK users’ data to US jurisdiction, what’s the best way to migrate to EU-based services? Can you download+upload or crossload your Gmail to another service? And are we in for the same treatment by Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram et al? Sean Last week Google Continue Reading

German court says Tesla can clear trees to build car factory | Technology

A German court has ruled that clearing of trees from the site of Tesla’s first electric car factory in Europe can go ahead, days after it issued an injunction temporarily halting the preparatory work. The top administrative court in the Berlin-Brandenburg region ruled on Thursday that authorities had been within Continue Reading