New Malware Targets Windows Subsystem for Linux to Evade Detection – Tempemail

A number of malicious samples have been created for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) with the goal of compromising Windows machines, highlighting a sneaky method that allows the operators to stay under the radar and thwart detection by popular anti-malware engines. The “distinct tradecraft” marks the first instance where Continue Reading

Hackers Spotted Using Morse Code in Phishing Attacks to Evade Detection – Tempemail

Microsoft has disclosed details of an evasive year-long social engineering campaign wherein the operators kept changing their obfuscation and encryption mechanisms every 37 days on average, including relying on Morse code, in an attempt to cover their tracks and surreptitiously harvest user credentials. The phishing attacks take the form of Continue Reading

This New Malware Hides Itself Among Windows Defender Exclusions to Evade Detection – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers on Tuesday lifted the lid on a previously undocumented malware strain dubbed “MosaicLoader” that singles out individuals searching for cracked software as part of a global campaign. “The attackers behind MosaicLoader created a piece of malware that can deliver any payload on the system, making it potentially profitable Continue Reading

New Pingback Malware Using ICMP Tunneling to Evade C&C Detection – Tempemail

Researchers on Tuesday disclosed a novel malware that uses a variety of tricks to stay under the radar and evade detection, while stealthily capable of executing arbitrary commands on infected systems. Called ‘Pingback,’ the Windows malware leverages Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) tunneling for covert bot communications, allowing the adversary Continue Reading

Hackers Using a Windows OS Feature to Evade Firewall and Gain Persistence – Tempemail

A novel technique adopted by attackers finds ways to use Microsoft’s Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) so as to deploy malicious payloads on Windows machines stealthily. In 2020, hospitals, retirement communities, and medical centers bore the brunt of an ever-shifting phishing campaign that distributed custom backdoors such as KEGTAP, which Continue Reading

Far-right supporters move to open source to evade censorship | World news

On 8 December last year, a Frenchman called Laurent Bachelier gave away a total of 28.5 bitcoins – worth $556,000 – to 22 people. On the same day, he killed himself. In suicide notes written in French and English, he explained that the burden of illness (he suffered from a Continue Reading

Hackers Now Hiding ObliqueRAT Payload in Images to Evade Detection – Tempemail

Cybercriminals are now deploying remote access Trojans (RATs) under the guise of seemingly innocuous images hosted on infected websites, once again highlighting how threat actors quickly change tactics when their attack methods are discovered and exposed publicly. New research released by Cisco Talos reveals a new malware campaign targeting organizations Continue Reading

Chinese users flock to US chat app Clubhouse to evade censors- Tempemail

Private social audio app Clubhouse is attracting masses of new users from mainland China, where the US app remains uncensored by authorities despite flourishing discussions on rights, national identity and other sensitive topics. Western social media apps including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are banned in China, where the local internet is tightly Continue Reading

‘Hot news from the Super League’: Vietnamese trade fake football scores to evade social media crackdown- Tempemail

Vietnamese are trading fake weather reports and football scores on social media as a creative means to discuss Communist Party leadership wrangling after an official ban on speculation ahead of the Party’s biggest and most important meeting in five years. At its 13th Tempemail Congress, due to be held later Continue Reading

14 Ways to Evade Botnet Malware Attacks On Your Computers – Tempemail

Cybercriminals are busy innovators, adapting their weapons and attack strategies, and ruthlessly roaming the web in search of their next big score. Every manner of sensitive information, such as confidential employee records, customers’ financial data, protected medical documents, and government files, are all subject to their relentless threats to cybersecurity. Continue Reading