What Are Bug Bounties? How Do They Work? [With Examples]- Tempemail

Are you looking for examples of bug bounties? We’ll explain what bug bounties are and show you how they work step-by-step using actual examples. How Do Bug Bounties Work? Companies create bug bounties to provide financial incentives to independent bug bounty hunters who discover security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems. Continue Reading

Social Media Policy: How To & Business Examples

A brand’s exposure on social media can be a double-edged sword. On the positive side, businesses use social channels to build brand awareness, connect with their target audience, and acquire new customers. However, any misuse of the channels can severely dent the company’s image and reputation, thereby affecting its business Continue Reading

Customer Journey Map – Examples & Free Template

Every customer journey is unique. It’s up to marketers to map out every customer experience and touchpoint by using customer journey map templates.  On this page, you can download all 8 customer journey map templates for free (includes access to Google Presentations and Google Spreadsheets links) – so you can Continue Reading

Thank You Emails for Every Occasion: Ideas, Examples and Templates

Have you ever received a “thank you” message from a person or company? How did you feel? You must have felt happy, respected, and valued. Saying thanks always leaves a good impression. It shows gratitude and appreciation towards other people. Businesses focusing on creating the best customer service have to Continue Reading

Spooky Halloween email campaign examples & subject lines for 2020

Spooky Halloween email campaign examples to inspire your emails!  58% of consumers have confirmed they will be celebrating Halloween in 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic. However, Halloween celebrations might look a bit different this year, with consumers trying to find safer ways to celebrate. Safe at-home activities have ranked the Continue Reading

How to Create Internal Company Newsletters with Proven Examples

Internal company newsletters are more important now, more than ever. Since the pandemic started, the number of remote workers in the US jumped from 31% to 62% in just three weeks. Managing remote teams will become a huge challenge for the 60% of companies that don’t have a proper internal Continue Reading

Tempemail Signature Design Best Practices Illustrated with 20+ Examples

Choosing the right email signature is more important than you might think. It has a story to tell. Your signature reflects your brand. The right email signature format can make a killer first impression that can make a huge impact. How? Your email is valuable for the recipients already so Continue Reading