Public Domain review – social-media musical swipes at Facebook | Theatre

A computer cursor clicks on the instruction “Add as friend”, and our screens open up to a theatre set where two millennials sing: “We came here to find friends, and just like that we felt a little less alone.” Facebook’s digital motifs – thumbs up symbols and love hearts – Continue Reading

Control Facebook and mend broken societies… If only it were that simple | Social media- Tempemail

London is full of Pops. From the area around City Hall to parts of the Olympic Park, there are dozens of “privately owned public spaces”. Places that appear to be public but are owned by a private corporations and have their own regulations – many, for instance, ban the homeless Continue Reading

‘Law unto themselves’: the Australian battle to curb Facebook and Twitter’s power | Australia news

Nationals MP Anne Webster and Labor MP Sharon Claydon are less concerned with why Donald Trump was taken off social media, and more concerned with what platforms such as Facebook are doing to stop online defamation and abuse. Webster and Claydon are the co-chairs of the Parliamentary Friends of Making Continue Reading

The Guardian view of Trump’s populism: weaponised and silenced by social media | Editorial | Opinion

Donald Trump’s incitement of a mob attack on the US Capitol was a watershed moment for free speech and the internet. Bans against both the US president and his prominent supporters have spread across social media as well as email and e-commerce services. Parler, a social network popular with neo-Nazis, Continue Reading

100 days of warning: inside the Boogaloo killings of US law enforcement | World news

Sign up for the Guardian Today US newsletter One hundred days before Dave Patrick Underwood was murdered on 29 May, a group of analysts who monitor online extremism concluded that an attack like the one that killed him was coming. An anti-government movement intent on killing law enforcement officers had Continue Reading

Facebook targets ‘stop the steal’ content and says Trump ban may be permanent | Technology- Tempemail

Sign up for the Guardian’s First Thing newsletter Facebook is cracking down on content using the phrase “stop the steal”, the rallying cry of Donald Trump supporters who claim without evidence that there was voter fraud in the 2020 elections. Content supporting the “stop the steal” movement will be removed Continue Reading

Kelly, Christensen top performers on Facebook and they want to keep it that way | Australian politics- Tempemail

Federal Liberal backbenchers Craig Kelly and George Christensen, who have accused social media companies of censoring conservatives, are among the most influential Australian MPs on Facebook, an analysis suggests. Kelly and Christensen have railed against social media bans on the US president, Donald Trump, in the wake of the riot Continue Reading

WhatsApp users are really Facebook customers now – it’s getting harder to forget that | WhatsApp- Tempemail

If you use WhatsApp – as around 30 million British people do – then you’ve probably already seen that the chat app is planning some changes. Every user will, by 8 February, have been presented with a screen that warns them that the app is “updating its terms and privacy Continue Reading

How FarmVille and Facebook helped to cultivate a new audience for gaming | Zynga

Two deaths you may have missed last week – for the simple reason that you have better things to do with your time than monitoring the tech industry. One was the end of FarmVille, a simplistic, time-wasting online game that consumed the attention of millions of Facebook users over the Continue Reading

Pressure mounts on social platforms to ban Trump for good Facebook Social Media Twitter Trump company- Tempemail

In the wake of Wednesday’s deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, calls are mounting for Twitter Facebook and other social platforms to suspend President Donald Trump s access to social media — permanently. Facebook and Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, on Thursday suspended Trump’s account for at least two Continue Reading