Social media and COVID shaming: Fighting a toxic combination shaming People People Facebook Social Media- Tempemail

In the spring, Rick Rose drew the wrath of strangers after he practically shouted on Facebook that he wasn’t buying a face mask. Two months later, he contracted COVID-19 — and, he posted, he was struggling to breathe. Days later, on July 4, he was dead. That post, among the Continue Reading

Can democracies stand up to Facebook? Ireland may have the answer | John Naughton | Opinion

Last month, the Irish data protection commissioner (DPC) sent Facebook a preliminary order ordering it to stop sending the data of its European users to the US. This was a big deal, because in order to comply with the ruling, Facebook would have to embark on a comprehensive re-engineering of Continue Reading

Facebook’s long-awaited oversight board to launch before US election | Technology- Tempemail

The long-awaited Facebook Oversight Board, empowered to overrule some of the platform’s content moderation decisions, plans to launch in October, just in time for the US election. The board will be ready to hear appeals from Facebook users as well as cases referred by the company itself “as soon as Continue Reading

Facebook says it may quit Europe over ban on sharing data with US | Technology

Facebook has warned that it may pull out of Europe if the Irish data protection commissioner enforces a ban on sharing data with the US, after a landmark ruling by the European court of justice found in July that there were insufficient safeguards against snooping by US intelligence agencies. In Continue Reading

Facebook removes fake accounts with links to China and Philippines | Technology

Facebook says it has removed hundreds of coordinated fake accounts with links to individuals in China and in the Filipino military that were interfering in the politics of the Philippines and the US. The company said all the accounts – in two distinct networks based in China and the Philippines Continue Reading

Facebook suspends environmental groups despite vow to fight misinformation | Environment- Tempemail

Facebook has suspended the accounts of several environmental organizations less than a week after launching an initiative it said would counter a tide of misinformation over climate science on the platform. Groups such as Greenpeace USA, Climate Hawks Vote and Rainforest Action Network were among those blocked from posting or Continue Reading

The Social Dilemma: a wake-up call for a world drunk on dopamine? | Opinion- Tempemail

Spool forward a couple of centuries. A small group of social historians drawn from the survivors of climate catastrophe are picking through the documentary records of what we are currently pleased to call our civilisation, and they come across a couple of old movies. When they’ve managed to find a Continue Reading

Engagement with anti-vaccine Facebook posts trebles in one month | Media- Tempemail

Engagement with anti-vaccine posts on a sample of UK Facebook pages trebled between July and August, analysis by the Guardian has found, triggering calls for a major new push to tackle conspiracy theories. Interactions on posts expressing scepticism or hostility towards vaccines on six UK Facebook pages increased from 12,000 Continue Reading

Oculus Quest 2 VR headset review: the virtual escape from Covid-19 we need? | Technology

The Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook’s second iteration of its popular standalone virtual reality headset. It is more powerful, has a better screen and is cheaper, ready to be your ticket to a virtual escape from the misery of Covid-19. The Quest 2 costs £299 and comes with everything you Continue Reading