Facebook reportedly receives half a million revenge porn complaints each month

Bottom line: Facebook is far from the only place that people can share non-consensual images online but it is among the most consequential for the simple fact that, by nature, people you actually know are going to see them. With general porn sites or even dedicated revenge porn outlets, people Continue Reading

Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales has launched an alternative to Facebook and Twitter

In a nutshell: Hardly anyone would say that social media is good for you, yet billions use it in one form or another (often concurrently) every single day. These platforms make billions of of dollars by addicting users and getting them to to click ads. One Wikipedia founder wants to Continue Reading

Facebook removed 3.2 billion fake accounts and tens of millions of posts flagged as child abuse

In context: Facebook has been under pressure for ‘not doing enough’ to moderate its platform, but the latest figures show the company has been improving its algorithms. Now it’s boasting that it proactively detects and removes more than 99 percent of all child abuse posts, and is aiming to soon Continue Reading

iPhone bug shows Facebook app accessing the camera while scrolling through videos and the newsfeed

What just happened? People have discovered a bug in the Facebook app that seems to open the camera in the background, which is yet another privacy risk that wasn’t assessed by the company before releasing the latest version of the app to iPhone users. A fix is on the way. Continue Reading

Facebook introduces ‘Facebook Pay,’ a new payment platform for Messenger and Facebook

It seems like just about every major tech company has come up with a branded payment system for its users. There’s Google Pay (once known as Android Pay), Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and now, Facebook Pay. Facebook Pay was announced today, with the primary goal of providing Facebook users with Continue Reading

Facebook will now let users reduce the clutter from the app’s navigation bar

In brief: In a move that should restore some sanity to the Facebook app, the company has decided to let users spare themselves the many disruptions caused by the tabs and red notification dots on the navigation bar. When Facebook isn’t busy stamping its name on Instagram and WhatsApp or Continue Reading

A former Facebook executive says the company can’t stay out of politics

Bottom line: Facebook’s current political ads policy is broken, and fixing it will require a rethinking of the company’s current business model. Lawmakers could also work on regulation that forces big social platforms to prioritize truth over money. When Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter will ban all political ads, some Continue Reading

Facebook testing video selfie feature to battle the bots

In brief: Like all social networks, Facebook has a bot problem. But the company is testing a new feature that uses people’s faces to verify their identities—though it claims the method doesn’t use facial recognition. Discovered by prolific app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the feature asks owners of suspected inauthentic Continue Reading