‘Her body is her business card’: Sweat director Magnus von Horn on the world of online influencers | Film- Tempemail

Magnus von Horn makes a confession few film-makers would admit to: “Some of the things I saw on social media were more moving than what I saw in the cinema.” Cinema and social media are currently the best of enemies: competitors for our precious attention, at opposite ends of a Continue Reading

Sweat review – the loneliness of the social media influencer | Film- Tempemail

In theory, it should be possible to create a drama about a social media influencer and motivational fitness celebrity that isn’t all about the hidden loneliness and shame of her shallow existence. It should be possible to show such a person being a huge hit in public and perfectly content Continue Reading

Overshare: are there any good films about social media? | Film- Tempemail

There are several elements of Mainstream, Gia Coppola’s dark satire of YouTube stardom released in theaters this month, that resemble a stick-figure rendering of internet fame. The film, written by Coppola, supposes that a technophobic, shady drifter named Link (Andrew Garfield) morphs, under the guidance of aspiring film-maker Frankie (Maya Continue Reading

Lucky review – spirited Ghanaian romcom captures the social media age | Film- Tempemail

Here is a vibrant, idiosyncratic portrait of Ghanaian youth, bursting with wisecracks and a boyish restlessness. There is an amateurish shakiness to the visuals, but the film overcomes this with a lot of charm and an innate understanding of its young subjects. University student Lucky (Kumi Obuoabisa) is a loafer Continue Reading

Threshold review – road trip out of hell in iPhone horror | Film

In some corner of a US nowheresville town, sad-sack musician-schoolteacher Leo (Joey Millin) gets a call from his mom begging him to pick up his screw-up of a sister Virginia (Madison West). Virginia has had an on-off problem with drugs that ruined a once promising law career. Leo is sceptical Continue Reading

Auggie review – watchable hi-tech satire doesn’t quite know what to say | Film

The face of American character actor Richard Kind – melancholy, hangdog, a little dyspeptic – is exactly right for this high-concept midlife satire from director and co-writer Matt Kane. It’s a variation on a familiar theme the time is the near future and Kind plays Felix, an architect in his Continue Reading

Infinitum: Subject Unknown review – solo time-loop echoes lockdown vexation | Film

You’ve got to admire wife and husband film-makers Tori and Matthew Butler-Hart. Stuck in their London flat at the start of the pandemic, the pair wrote a sci-fi script together: a Groundhog-Day-meets-The-Matrix tale of a woman trapped in a time loop. They shot it à deux on an iPhone; she Continue Reading

Selfie review – droll Gallic eye on slaves to the algorithm | Film- Tempemail

As ever-evolving technologies produce instant gratifications and fresh horrors, Selfie sees modern life as a tragicomic minefield fraught with absurdities. This French anthology film delivers biting social critique with a side helping of je ne sais quoi wit. Across five loosely connected stories from five seasoned film-makers (including Rust and Continue Reading

Hong Kong pet owner arrested after posting image of kitten wrapped in cling film- Tempemail

A woman in Hong Kong was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after she posted a picture on social media of her allegedly punishing her kitten by swathing it in plastic cling wrap for not snuggling with her at bedtime. The photo showed the six-week-old blue-eyed kitten bound with multiple Continue Reading