Auggie review – watchable hi-tech satire doesn’t quite know what to say | Film

The face of American character actor Richard Kind – melancholy, hangdog, a little dyspeptic – is exactly right for this high-concept midlife satire from director and co-writer Matt Kane. It’s a variation on a familiar theme the time is the near future and Kind plays Felix, an architect in his Continue Reading

Infinitum: Subject Unknown review – solo time-loop echoes lockdown vexation | Film

You’ve got to admire wife and husband film-makers Tori and Matthew Butler-Hart. Stuck in their London flat at the start of the pandemic, the pair wrote a sci-fi script together: a Groundhog-Day-meets-The-Matrix tale of a woman trapped in a time loop. They shot it à deux on an iPhone; she Continue Reading

Selfie review – droll Gallic eye on slaves to the algorithm | Film- Tempemail

As ever-evolving technologies produce instant gratifications and fresh horrors, Selfie sees modern life as a tragicomic minefield fraught with absurdities. This French anthology film delivers biting social critique with a side helping of je ne sais quoi wit. Across five loosely connected stories from five seasoned film-makers (including Rust and Continue Reading

Hong Kong pet owner arrested after posting image of kitten wrapped in cling film- Tempemail

A woman in Hong Kong was arrested on charges of animal cruelty after she posted a picture on social media of her allegedly punishing her kitten by swathing it in plastic cling wrap for not snuggling with her at bedtime. The photo showed the six-week-old blue-eyed kitten bound with multiple Continue Reading

Caroline Flack film explores media’s role in TV star’s death | Caroline Flack- Tempemail

The media has failed to learn the lessons of Caroline Flack’s death and must take responsibility for coverage of public figures struggling with mental health problems, the presenter’s mother has said. Speaking before the release of a Channel 4 documentary that seeks to present a more nuanced portrait of her Continue Reading

An Impossible Project review – warm and fuzzy nostalgia in retro doc | Film

Here is a documentary about the resurgent interest in retro culture that comes across like a warm fuzzy blanket of nostalgia for pre-Covid days. The central figure is “Doc” Florian Kaps, who the film presents as Vienna’s answer to Steve Jobs, a social visionary untroubled by such details as earning Continue Reading

Racist trolls may think they own Star Wars, but the saga’s diversity issues are not cut and dried | Film- Tempemail

It’s ironic that Star Wars, perhaps the ultimate tale of good triumphing over evil, has become embroiled in the current culture wars. George Lucas’s original trilogy is as universally adored as Brothers Grimm fairytales, the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci or the songs of the Beatles. Finding out that it Continue Reading

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Covid advice challenged by NHS England director | Film- Tempemail

Gwyneth Paltrow has been urged to stop spreading misinformation by the medical director of NHS England after she suggested long Covid could be treated with “intuitive fasting” , herbal cocktails and regular visits to an “infrared sauna”. The Hollywood star, who markets unproven new age potions on her Goop website, Continue Reading

Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘If you’re protesting against racism, you’re going to upset some racists’ | Film

Seven months ago, Sacha Baron Cohen was in the back of a speeding ambulance. It was an escape car, and he was fleeing a gun rally. The Borat producers had chosen the ambulance as it could blend in, accommodate a small film crew and, if necessary, hasten a trip to Continue Reading