The best culture you may have missed in 2020 | Culture

Film Southern Journey (Revisited)In the dark days of lockdown, it’s hard to believe the big outdoors actually exists. But that’s what you get with this lovely music documentary, which followed in the footsteps of celebrated musicologist Alan Lomax and British folk singer Shirley Collins on their landmark 1959 odyssey, recording Continue Reading

‘There’s a whole war going on’: the film tracing a decade of cyber-attacks | Film

In early 2010, scientists at a uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, Iran, watched their infrastructure malfunction at an unprecedented, inexplicable rate. Technicians inspected their equipment, but could find no explanation for why the plant’s centrifuges – machines to isolate the uranium isotopes needed for nuclear power – were spinning at Continue Reading

Welcome to the Blumhouse: Nocturne/Evil Eye review – dark desires | Film

Kicking off the second batch of Welcome to the Blumhouse, the horror outfit’s collaboration with Amazon, Nocturne (★★★★☆) is played firmly in the key of Black Swan, and it is a confident interpretation. The setting isn’t ballet, but an elite music academy where out-of-sorts pianist Juliet (Sydney Sweeney) looks sure Continue Reading

The Bollywood star, a suicide … and an online witch-hunt across India | World news- Tempemail

It was a muted finale to a saga that has rivalled the wildest movie storylines. On Wednesday, the Bollywood star Rhea Chakraborty stepped out of the Byculla women’s prison in Mumbai, released on bail after 28 days in jail. Over the previous four months, she had been vilified in a Continue Reading

Michelle Wolf to Melania’s roses: the arts and pop culture that sum up the Trump era | Culture

Architecture Travesty in the Rose Garden Since he’s a former real-estate tycoon, it seems fitting that Donald Trump’s tenure should express itself in some sort of building. So which edifice best defines his era? Well, there is the “big, beautiful wall” planned for the border with Mexico. “Nobody builds walls Continue Reading

Welcome to the Blumhouse: The Lie/Black Box review – subtler scares | Film

Blumhouse, the production outfit founded by Jason Blum, struck it big with unquiet souls terrorising American domesticity in Paranormal Activity – and not much has changed 11 years later, as the company launches Welcome to the Blumhouse, a diffusion line of eight thrillers in collaboration with Amazon Studios. (Four are Continue Reading

Eddie Redmayne condemns ‘vitriol’ aimed at JK Rowling after her trans rights comments | Film- Tempemail

Fantastic Beasts star Eddie Redmayne has said he is alarmed by the “vitriol” aimed at Harry Potter author JK Rowling after her comments on trans rights, adding the reaction on social media was “absolutely disgusting”. Redmayne was speaking to the Daily Mail during the shoot of the third Fantastic Beasts Continue Reading

We need to rethink social media before it’s too late. We’ve accepted a Faustian bargain | Jeff Orlowski | Opinion- Tempemail

When people envision technology overtaking society, many think of The Terminator and bulletproof robots. Or Big Brother in George Orwell’s 1984, a symbol of external, omnipotent oppression. But in all likelihood, dystopian technology will not strong-arm us. Instead, we’ll unwittingly submit ourselves to a devil’s bargain: freely trade our subconscious Continue Reading

After We Collided: does this shock hit point the way to cinema’s future? | Film- Tempemail

Its success has been hailed as “extraordinary” – not least because no one saw it coming. The YA romance After We Collided has next to no marketing budget and zero reviews – and has taken more than £1m after just two weeks in the UK. A few weeks ago, it Continue Reading

Russell Crowe’s Unhinged plea: only he can persuade us back into cinemas | Film- Tempemail

As if you didn’t already know, this is not a good time to be in the cinema business. They might have reopened, but post-lockdown they are sparsely attended. If punters aren’t put off by the thought of wearing a mask during a film, then they’re put off by the meagre Continue Reading