The Future of Micro-finance in Emerging Markets – Tempemail

The pandemic has emphasised, beyond a point of reasonable doubt, the importance of technology to our modern world. Just as video calling and messaging have allowed us to work, study and socialise, fintech has played a similarly critical role in ensuring that people can still access the banking system. However, Continue Reading

After We Collided: does this shock hit point the way to cinema’s future? | Film- Tempemail

Its success has been hailed as “extraordinary” – not least because no one saw it coming. The YA romance After We Collided has next to no marketing budget and zero reviews – and has taken more than £1m after just two weeks in the UK. A few weeks ago, it Continue Reading

The Future of Remote Working in South Africa – Tempemail

Sourced from We Work Remotely For several months now, office spaces across South Africa have been gathering dust, void of occupants as employees have been working from home. While there is no telling when the pandemic will end, if the current work-from-home culture is adopted more permanently, offices may soon Continue Reading

Creating an Equitable Workforce to Inspire Future Generations – Tempemail

Sourced from TechCabal Diversity in the workplace is a phrase which we hear often, but rarely pause to consider what it means beyond representation, and more so, what it can empower businesses and society to achieve. In the Middle East and Africa alone, PWC estimated that $575 billion are lost Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why Connectivity Will Enable the Workplace of the Future – Tempemail

While the workplace of the future has long been possible, few businesses were adequately prepared for the speed and urgency at which they would need to develop such an environment — until the global COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked digital transformation.  Seemingly overnight, organisations were faced with two choices: they could either Continue Reading

The Future of Data Centres Post Pandemic – Tempemail

COVID-19 has altered industries across the globe highlighting just how dependant the world is on data. The Global Data Center Security Solutions Market is expected to grow by $5 billion during 2020-2024. The role of the data centre has never been more important during this pandemic, enabling business continuity with Continue Reading

The future of education or just hype? The rise of Minerva, the world’s most selective university | Education

No one could accuse CEO and businessman Ben Nelson of lacking ambition. “I wanted to create a university that serves as a model for other institutions, by being indisputably the best university in the world,” he says, bouncing up and down on a video call from his San Francisco office. Continue Reading

Only 44% of South Africans are Optimistic about the Future of their Business | Tempemail

Sourced from Women in Tech Africa. To lay bare the scale of challenges small businesses are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to understand their ongoing challenges and areas for further support, Facebook published the Global State of Small Business Report. Compiled in partnership with the World Bank and the Continue Reading

Sex Robots & Vegan Meat by Jenny Kleeman review – the future of food, birth and death? | Science and nature books

In a plain factory building in the San Marcos hills, north of San Diego in California, a technological revolution is under way. There, a team of AI experts are developing a new brand of woman that can smile, flutter her eyelids, make small-talk and remember the names of your siblings. Continue Reading