What Facebook’s Australia news ban could mean for its future in the US | Facebook

Facebook’s dramatic decision last week to block news from being shared to its users in Australia is already seeing global legislative aftershocks and may present new challenges for the company in the US. Facebook in mid-February banned Australian news organizations from posting content on the platform and barred users based Continue Reading

Wikipedia at 20: last gasp of an internet vision, or a beacon to a better future? | Wikipedia

Twenty years ago today, a tech startup called Nupedia launched a side project. The company had been hard at work producing a free online encyclopaedia, but it was slow going: its strict editing process, comprehensive peer-review and focus on expert authors meant it finished only 21 articles in its first Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why AI could be the Future of Finance – Tempemail

The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) has expanded beyond the traditional gatekeeper to financial resources, chief accounting officer and head recordkeeper. Today, CFOs in the digital enterprise are enablers of growth and strategic advisors to the CEO. Accenture research shows that 80% of CFOs see identifying and targeting Continue Reading

The future of cyberconflicts | Securelist- Tempemail

The ever-increasing role of technology in every aspect of our society has turned cybersecurity into a major sovereignty issue for all states. Due to their asymmetrical nature, offensive cyber-capabilities have been embraced by many countries that wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to compete on a military or economic level with Continue Reading

iHuman review – doom-laden documentary about the future of AI | Documentary films

What will happen when robots become smarter than humans – will they want to kill us? No, according to the computer scientist in charge of Elon Musk’s artificial intelligence research company OpenAI. His name is Ilya Sutskever and he believes that super intelligent machines won’t hate us, but they will Continue Reading

Coding the future: the tech kids solving life’s problems | Technology

Adarsh Ambati, 15, San Jose, California I started getting interested in coding when I was about 11. I joined a local community lab where biologists and computer scientists come together and conduct experiments. I wanted to join the lab because my brother was really into biology and at the time Continue Reading

3 Predictions for the Future of Retail – Tempemail

For many industries, predicting the future during a pandemic would be difficult – if not impossible. Retail is different. Why? Because COVID-19 has acted as an accelerant for digital transformation – fuelling and amplifying trends that have been creeping in for years. You could even call this “Covid acceleration.” McKinsey Continue Reading