Yakuza: Like a Dragon review – a gangland buddy movie that’s game for a laugh | Games

Video game reboots are usually undertaken in order to drag longstanding brands into 21st-century modernity. But Like a Dragon preserves the old-fashioned, somewhat unreconstructed vibe of the previous Yakuza games, while adding a new twist that diverts it into a different genre. Like its predecessors, this is essentially an interactive Continue Reading

‘Game of Thrones with parkour’: how will Netflix adapt Assassin’s Creed? | Television

Few video games have endured like Assassin’s Creed. Twelve different versions have been released since the game was introduced in 2007, each of them more or less clinging to the same highly enjoyable formula. Like history? Like climbing things? Like stabbing people in the skull? Like being intermittently scowled at Continue Reading

Amnesia: Rebirth review – a horror game pregnant with dread | Games

Of all this horror game’s many weirdnesses, the strangest is the button for looking at your baby bump. During moments of intense stress, Amnesia: Rebirth’s pregnant protagonist Tasi Trianon can self-soothe by looking down and talking to her unborn child. I can’t testify to the effectiveness of bump-based therapy in Continue Reading

Why are 400,000 people watching AOC play the game Among Us on Twitch? | Culture

Hi Patrick, I keep seeing lots of screenshots of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez playing some game involving little Telly Tubby-type creatures. What’s all that about? Hey Josh. So basically AOC (and Ilhan Omar, for a bit) is playing a video game called Among Us with some internet-famous people, and she’s broadcasting the Continue Reading

Crash Bandicoot 4: another 90s video game icon returns | Games

Crash Bandicoot is back, and it’s about time. No, really – the latest instalment, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, picks up where Crash Bandicoot: Warped left off 22 years ago, back when every other game had to star an anthropomorphic animal. This is actually the eighth Crash game, for Continue Reading

‘Video game planes emit real carbon’: why gaming is not merely guilt-free escapism | Games

There’s a woman in my social media feed who has spent the past week flying around the world in an Airbus A320. Remember travel? The degree of enviousness with which I look at her photos of skylines and mountains is well past being impolite. She’s not really travelling, of course. Continue Reading

Farmville foreclosure! Why Facebook is canning its most popular game | Technology

Name: FarmVille. Appearance: Cute, colourful agricultural community filled with innocent, wide-eyed people and animals who are never slaughtered. Is that somewhere in the midwest of the United States? If you want it to be. How long has it been around? Eleven years. And how is FarmVille doing? Not well. In Continue Reading

Among Us is the ultimate party game of the Covid era | Games

There are 10 crew members trapped on a spacecraft, carrying out menial tasks to maintain vital systems, but at least one of them is an imposter who wants to sabotage their work and if possible, murder them. What sounds like the premise of a particularly bleak science-fiction movie is in Continue Reading

Marvel’s Avengers: can the latest superhero game save us all? | Games

Marvel’s Avengers ought to be a surefire winner. A third-person action-adventure game that puts you at the controls of a selection of beloved superheroes (six at launch, although to avoid spoilers we won’t specify which), it also boasts a multiplayer mode that will keep going long after the story is Continue Reading