Police make arrests over online racist abuse of Son in Spurs v Man Utd game- Tempemail

Twelve men have been arrested or interviewed under caution following online racist abuse directed at a player in Tottenham’s 3-1 home defeat to Manchester United, the Metropolitan Police has revealed. Although the Met did not confirm the target of the abuse, referring in a statement only to “a high-profile London Continue Reading

Why the latest Israel-Gaza conflict could prove an international game changer- Tempemail

An armed conflict in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians has become more vicious and much broader far quicker than anticipated, potentially altering the calculations of regional and global powers eager to ignore the long-simmering crisis. The latest sequence of events began with attempts by Israeli settlers to appropriate Continue Reading

New Pokémon Snap review – chilled photography game could be snappier | Games

Pokémon is nominally about collecting and battling cute monsters, but, like most children’s fiction that has stood the test of time, these games draw you into an interesting and believable place – one where kids can live their dreams and humans exist in harmony with quirky creatures. It’s a universe Continue Reading

‘In the game, I knew myself as Hannah’: the trans gamers finding freedom on Roblox | Games

When she was a child, Hannah discovered two portals to other worlds. The first was her Nintendo 64, which could transport her to the dark dungeons of Zelda and the chaotic battlefields of Super Smash Bros. The second was her mother’s wardrobe in their Devon home, full of clothes she Continue Reading

Mortal Kombat review – schlock video game adaptation packs a small punch | Action and adventure films

Configuring one’s expectations before settling down to watch the latest big (and small) screen adaptation of Mortal Kombat is something of a process. The largely wretched game-to-movie subgenre carries with it little-to-no hope at this stage, even the so-called “best” examples are seen as just about tolerable, and the last Continue Reading

Ground zero for gaming memes: 10 excellent video game TikTok accounts | Games

ShelbyRenae – @shelbyrenaeytA Fortnite Twitch streamer and YouTuber, ShelbyRenae makes hilarious (and often very telling) TikToks focusing on her conversations with the strangers she plays with, mostly teenage boys who chuck out endless bizarre insults and gigantically inappropriate comments. Alisha – @alishakins_Mainly a Twitch streamer, Alisha makes brilliant little TikToks Continue Reading

Fantasian review – random battles and quirky banter in beautiful iPhone game | Games

It’s a truism that you can’t take more than a few steps in a Japanese role-playing game without triggering a random battle. Each encounter transports you to a separate screen where your party of heroes faces off against critter-like enemies, who rarely put up much of a fight. Historically, game Continue Reading

Elon Musk startup shows monkey with brain chip implants playing video game | Elon Musk

The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s brain-chip startup released footage on Friday appearing to show a monkey playing a simple video game after getting implants of the new technology. The three-minute video by Neuralink shows Pager, a male macaque with chips embedded on each side of its brain, playing Mind Pong. Continue Reading

Harvest Moon: One World review – a farming game that’s gone to seed | Games

Before Farmville, before Stardew Valley, there was Harvest Moon – a Japanese farming game dating to 1996, when tending virtual crops and cows was new to video games. Created by Yasuhiro Wada, who wanted to convey the goodness of rural life, Harvest Moon has for most of this time been Continue Reading