Returnal review – epic dance of death with beautiful, brutal aliens | Games

This is not the best year for a game about being stuck in an eternal time loop, where nothing much changes but things are always extremely difficult. Many people will find it hard to find the motivation to face down a punishingly challenging game about the unreliability of memory and Continue Reading

Resident Evil Village review – nerve-shredding descent into horror | Games

It has been four years since Resident Evil 7 rescued the series from its action-heavy nadir and returned to the roots of survival horror: jump scares, and elaborate puzzles involving unattractive oil paintings. Now, Village seeks to bring back some of the gunplay introduced in Resident Evil 4 without losing Continue Reading

‘A wonderful escape’: the rise of gaming parents – and grandparents | Games

Helping his seven-year-old daughter Romy set up the Nintendo Switch she got for Christmas, Paul Cliff managed to get himself hooked on Animal Crossing. “I’ve somehow played over 600 hours on it since January,” says Paul, 56, of the life simulation game where villagers carry out daily activities such as Continue Reading

Dorfromntik review – the simple pleasures of world-building | Games

So-called “city-building” video games have long offered us the chance to reshape the world by turning urban design into a high-scoring pursuit. They offer the localised divine power of the town planner who, with a flourish of a pencil, can summon a dog park over here, a high-rise over there. Continue Reading

New Pokémon Snap review – chilled photography game could be snappier | Games

Pokémon is nominally about collecting and battling cute monsters, but, like most children’s fiction that has stood the test of time, these games draw you into an interesting and believable place – one where kids can live their dreams and humans exist in harmony with quirky creatures. It’s a universe Continue Reading

‘In the game, I knew myself as Hannah’: the trans gamers finding freedom on Roblox | Games

When she was a child, Hannah discovered two portals to other worlds. The first was her Nintendo 64, which could transport her to the dark dungeons of Zelda and the chaotic battlefields of Super Smash Bros. The second was her mother’s wardrobe in their Devon home, full of clothes she Continue Reading