Looking for a Job in Tech? Make Sure the Process is About Your Growth.- Tempemail

When you talk to tech recruiters, do you sometimes feel they’re just trying to fill in open positions, and don’t actually care about your goals? The haste to hire in the IT industry, especially the frenzy to attract the top profiles, has the ironic effect of diverting attention from what Continue Reading

Growth Culture | Pentalog Encourages Continuous Learning- Tempemail

When the BrightHub project’s young coordinators contacted me in August to support their entrepreneurial education program focusing on Digitalization & Social Responsibility, I immediately said yes. Pentalog’s involvement in the local community’s educational and social initiatives comes naturally as it’s in our DNA to support a growth culture and help Continue Reading

Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft Report Double Digit Growth while Apple “Plunges” – Tempemail

Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft revenue grew by 35%, 17% and 13% respectively during the first nine months of 2020. On the other hand, Alphabet’s (Google) revenue increased by 9% and Apple’s revenue was up by 4% during the same period. According to the research data analyzed and published by Comprar Continue Reading

Airtel Africa Reports Double Digit Growth – Tempemail

Sourced from Comms MEA Airtel Africa has reported double-digit growth and stronger performance in Q2, with revenue up by 19.6% – in spite of interruptions from COVID-19 and the associated restrictions on activities of both consumers and businesses. The telco saw growth across every region; Nigeria revenue increased 20.2% and Continue Reading

What East Africa could Teach the Continent about Economic Growth – Tempemail

The 21st century is widely touted as the ‘African Century’, a period promising unprecedented economic and technological growth for the continent. Africa’s future looks bright. The continent features five of the ten fastest-growing economies in the world. Its population is the most youthful, with 60% of all African citizens under Continue Reading

Build an E-commerce Store – Growth Business- Tempemail

The world of commerce has recently seen a sharp rise in digitization efforts as a response to the Covid crisis, with the technological revolution spreading to all types of businesses. Companies that once operated strictly offline are now scrambling to go digital, so they’ve also been tasked with designing strategies Continue Reading

David Jones transforms customer service to meet online growth – Cloud – Projects- Tempemail

Retailer David Jones moved its customer service operations to run on Amazon Connect and Salesforce cloud-based systems, helping support online sales growth – and rising call volumes about the whereabouts of parcels. Customer services general manager at David Jones & Country Road Group, Daniele Iezzi, told Salesforce Live for Retail Continue Reading

OneDayOnly Records 40% Growth during Lockdown | Tempemail

Sourced from IOL. Unlike anything the world has seen before, the COVID-19 pandemic fuelled a sudden digital surge that catapulted both global and local eCommerce traffic to unprecedented levels. The closest comparable example – while on a much smaller geographical scale – would be the 2003 SARS crisis, which is Continue Reading