[Ebook] The Guide for Speeding Time to Response for Lean IT Security Teams – Tempemail

Most cyber security today involves much more planning, and much less reacting than in the past. Security teams spend most of their time preparing their organizations’ defenses and doing operational work. Even so, teams often must quickly spring into action to respond to an attack. Security teams with copious resources Continue Reading

Vulnerability Assessment I A Complete Guide- Tempemail

Are you wondering about vulnerability assessments? We give a full explanation of what vulnerability assessments are, how they work, and how they help prevent cyberattacks. What Is Vulnerability Assessment? Vulnerability assessments systematically evaluate your system, looking for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The assessment provides information to the security team to Continue Reading

[eBook] A Guide to Stress-Free Cybersecurity for Lean IT Security Teams – Tempemail

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is enough to make any security team concerned. The rapid evolution and increased danger of attack tactics have put even the largest corporations and governments at heightened risk. If the most elite security teams can’t prevent these attacks from happening, what can lean security teams look forward Continue Reading

A Practical Guide for Startups – Tempemail

A common misconception among startup founders is that cybercriminals won’t waste time on them, because they’re not big or well known enough yet. But just because you are small doesn’t mean you’re not in the firing line. The size of a startup does not exempt it from cyber-attacks – that’s Continue Reading

An Essential Guide for 2021 – Tempemail

Hackers are scanning the internet for weaknesses all the time, and if you don’t want your organization to fall victim, you need to be the first to find these weak spots. In other words, you have to adopt a proactive approach to managing your vulnerabilities, and a crucial first step Continue Reading

The full email marketing guide for grocery stores (Walmart, Target, Lidl)

During the pandemic, online shopping skyrocketed. While being conditioned to stay at home, many of us turned to the internet to shop for groceries. Studies show that online food and beverage sales have increased by 7.2%. Grocery stores had to adapt their email campaigns to meet the growing demand and Continue Reading

A Guide to Weathering the Upcoming Vendor Positioning Storm – Tempemail

April is usually a whirlwind month for the cybersecurity industry as it coincides with the release of the highly regarded and influential MITRE ATT&CK test results. The ATT&CK test measures cybersecurity platforms’ abilities to detect and react to emulated, multistep attacks that can be used as a barometer of platform Continue Reading

Decided to move on from your NGAV/EDR? A Guide for Small Security Teams to What’s Next – Tempemail

You’re fully aware of the need to stop threats at the front door and then hunt any that got through that first gate, so your company installed an EPP/ EDR solution. But like most companies, you’ve already come across its shortcoming – and these are amplified since you have a Continue Reading