Creating A Strong Password Policy With Specops and NIST Guidelines – Tempemail

End-user passwords are one of the weakest components of your overall security protocols. Most users tend to reuse passwords across work and personal accounts. They may also choose relatively weak passwords that satisfy company password policies but can be easily guessed or brute-forced. Your users may also inadvertently use breached Continue Reading

BBC journalists question new tougher social-media guidelines that ban them from ‘virtue signalling’- Tempemail

BBC journalists have already poked fun at and questioned new tougher rules on the use of social media, the day the crackdown on personal opinions was introduced. The broadcaster’s staff have been ordered to stop “virtue signalling” or posting “controversial” opinions online, under stricter new guidance on how to use Continue Reading

Whatsapp Brings ‘Coronavirus Information Hub’ To Give Correct Guidelines And Curb Fake News- Tempemail

Read Article As reported by Express Healthcare, the messaging platform WhatsApp has joined the bandwagon of fighting the global pandemic Coronavirus with two initiatives. The platform has launched a WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub with the World Health Organization, UNICEF and UNDP as partners. The second initiative has the company extending Continue Reading

Guidelines for implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), from Gururaj Rao, Mahindra Finance- Tempemail

Before implementing RPA, its important to recognise, when RPA should be implemented. RPA is brought into action only in the absence of a standard API to transfer data between two systems, or when, one of the systems doesn’t permit an integration. Secondly, the process has to be adequately manual to Continue Reading

EU nations can restrict vendors under new 5G guidelines – Networking – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

EU countries can restrict or exclude high-risk 5G providers from core parts of their telecoms networks, new EU guidelines show, dealing a potential blow to China’s Huawei Technologies. The non-binding recommendations, set out in an EU document seen by Reuters, are part of a set of measures aimed at addressing Continue Reading