Police Arrested Hundreds of Criminals After Hacking Into Encrypted Chat Network – Tempemail

In a joint operation, European and British law enforcement agencies recently arrested hundreds of alleged drug dealers and other criminals after infiltrating into a global network of an encrypted chatting app that was used to plot drug deals, money laundering, extortions, and even murders. Dubbed EncroChat, the top-secret encrypted communication Continue Reading

Critical Apache Guacamole Flaws Put Remote Desktops at Risk of Hacking – Tempemail

A new research has uncovered multiple critical reverse RDP vulnerabilities in Apache Guacamole, a popular remote desktop application used by system administrators to access and manage Windows and Linux machines remotely. The reported flaws could potentially let bad actors achieve full control over the Guacamole server, intercept, and control all Continue Reading

Sony is Offering a $50,000 Reward for Hacking the PlayStation 4 | Tempemail

Sourced from Bloomberg Sony has launched a bug bounty hunting reward programme in order to continue to find critical faults with the security of its PlayStation 4 console and the PlayStation Network. Participants in the programme who find exploits and loopholes in the console’s security could be rewarded up to Continue Reading

Is spyware technology helping governments hack phones? | Technology

In October 2019, the encrypted messaging app WhatsApp filed a lawsuit against a little known Israeli technology company called NSO Group. It accused the group of being responsible for a series of highly sophisticated cyber-attacks on 1,400 of its users, many of them human rights activists, journalists and diplomatic officials. Continue Reading

Journalist says he was targeted by spyware from firm despite its human rights policy | Technology

As NSO Group faced mounting criticism last year that its hacking software was being used illegally against journalists, dissidents and campaigners around the world, the Israeli spyware company unveiled a new policy that it said showed its commitment to human rights. Now an investigation has alleged that another journalist, Omar Continue Reading

Australia is under cyber-attack from ‘state-based actor’, Scott Morrison says | Australia news

A wide range of political and private sector organisations in Australia have come under cyber-attack carried out by a “sophisticated state-based cyber actor”, the Australian government has revealed. Scott Morrison disclosed the far-reaching attacks at a media conference in Canberra on Friday, while his defence minister declared that malicious cyber Continue Reading

CIA ‘woefully lax’ in securing sensitive hacking tools – Security- Tempemail

Many of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) most sensitive hacking tools were so poorly secured that it was only when WikiLeaks published them online in 2017 that the agency realised they had been compromised, according to a report released Tuesday. The secret-spilling site drew international attention when it dumped Continue Reading

New Critical Flaws Put Billions of Internet-Connected Devices at Risk of Hacking – Tempemail

The Department of Homeland Security and CISA ICS-CERT will today issue a critical security advisory warning about over a dozen newly discovered vulnerabilities affecting billions of Internet-connected devices manufactured by over 500 vendors across the globe. Dubbed “Ripple20,” the set of 19 vulnerabilities reside in a low-level TCP/IP software library Continue Reading

Hacking the Singapore Government: Q&A with Hacker Personality Samuel Eng- Tempemail

Hackers represent a global force for good, coming together to help address the growing security needs of our digital society. They can be found in over 170 countries across the globe with a growing base of talented hackers in the Asia Pacific region. Among them is Samuel Eng (better known Continue Reading