Beware of Fake Amnesty International Antivirus for Pegasus that Hacks PCs with Malware – Tempemail

In yet another indicator of how hacking groups are quick to capitalize on world events and improvise their attack campaigns for maximum impact, threat actors have been discovered impersonating Amnesty International to distribute malware that purports to be security software designed to safeguard against NSO Group’s Pegasus surveillanceware. “Adversaries have Continue Reading

Doctor reveals sleep hacks that ‘actually work’ in viral TikTok video- Tempemail

A doctor has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a series of simple “body hacks” that include how to fall asleep quickly. Dr Anthony Youn, 48, from Detroit, is a well-known plastic surgeon on social media, with more than 795,000 followers on Instagram and 4.9 million on TikTok. In his Continue Reading

Beware! New Android Malware Hacks Thousands of Facebook Accounts – Tempemail

A new Android trojan has been found to compromise Facebook accounts of over 10,000 users in at least 144 countries since March 2021 via fraudulent apps distributed through Google Play Store and other third-party app marketplaces. Dubbed “FlyTrap,” the previously undocumented malware is believed to be part of a family Continue Reading

Cybercriminals Hold $115,000-Prize Contest to Find New Cryptocurrency Hacks – Tempemail

A top Russian-language underground forum has been running a “contest” for the past month, calling on its community to submit “unorthodox” ways to conduct cryptocurrency attacks. The forum’s administrator, in an announcement made on April 20, 2021, invited members to submit papers that assess the possibility of targeting cryptocurrency-related technology, Continue Reading

Researchers Demonstrate 2 New Hacks to Modify Certified PDF Documents – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed two new attack techniques on certified PDF documents that could potentially enable an attacker to alter a document’s visible content by displaying malicious content over the certified content without invalidating its signature. “The attack idea exploits the flexibility of PDF certification, which allows signing or adding Continue Reading

FBI hacks vulnerable US computers to fix malicious malware | Hacking

The FBI has been hacking into the computers of US companies running insecure versions of Microsoft software in order to fix them, the US Department of Justice has announced. The operation, approved by a federal court, involved the FBI hacking into “hundreds” of vulnerable computers to remove malware placed there Continue Reading

Control shift: why newspaper hacks are switching to Substack | Digital media

Way back in March, at the beginning of the first lockdown, I fell to wondering what a columnist, academic and blogger under house arrest might usefully do for the duration of his imprisonment. My eye fell on my blog, Memex 1.1, which has been a harmless presence on the web Continue Reading