Coalition bill would block online platforms still hosting harmful content 24 hours after takedown notices | Online abuse- Tempemail

Internet service providers, social media companies and other online platforms will need to remove severely harmful, abusive or bullying content within 24 hours or risk being blocked, under the federal government’s proposed online safety legislation. Currently, takedown notices for image-based abuse, cyber-abuse, cyberbullying, and seriously harmful online content needs to Continue Reading

UK plans big fines for online companies over harmful content companies U.K. Fines content Government- Tempemail

Social media and other internet companies face big fines in Britain if they don’t remove and limit the spread of harmful material such as child sexual abuse or terrorist content and protect users on their platforms, officials said Tuesday. Under legislative proposals that the U.K. government plans to launch next Continue Reading

YouTube viewers to help uncover how users are sent to harmful videos | YouTube

YouTube viewers are being asked to become “watchdogs” and record their use of the site to help uncover the ways in which its recommendation algorithm can lead to online radicalisation. Mozilla, the non-profit behind the Firefox web browser, has produced a new browser extension, called RegretsReporter, which will allow YouTube Continue Reading

Disability activist calls out parents who use her face to scare children in ‘harmful and hurtful’ TikTok challenge- Tempemail

Challenge sees parents show their children photos of disabled people, who they say is their new teacher, to capture reactions Tempemail , Tempmail – Temp email addressess (10 minutes emails)– When you want to create account on some forum or social media, like Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, TikTok you have to Continue Reading

Feminism has not ‘gone too far’. Online abuse against women is as harmful as ever- Tempemail

The Independent employs reporters around the world to bring you truly independent journalism. To support us, please consider a contribution. According to a recent report, half of Gen Z young men believe that “feminism has gone too far”. Misogynistic attitudes seem to be coming back into fashion, but for those of Continue Reading

Twitter Addresses Potentially Harmful Data Breach | Tempemail

Image sourced from Mission Statement Academy In an email sent to potentially affected clients, Twitter has confirmed that sensitive data regarding their business customers may have been compromised. The company says that some clients billing information was unknowingly stored in their browser’s cache, making it ‘possible’ for others to access. Continue Reading

Coronavirus: Facebook to warn users who engaged with ‘harmful’ misinformation | Technology- Tempemail

Facebook will begin showing notifications to users who have interacted with posts that contain “harmful” coronavirus misinformation, the company announced on Thursday, in an aggressive new move to address the spread of false information about Covid-19. The new policy applies only to misinformation that Facebook considers likely to contribute to Continue Reading

Twitter to remove harmful fake news about coronavirus | World news- Tempemail

Twitter will remove tweets that run the risk of causing harm by spreading dangerous misinformation about Covid-19, the company has said, after weeks of criticism that its policies on misinformation were too lax. Now, the social network says, it will be applying a new broader definition of harm “to address Continue Reading

Britain to make social media platforms responsible for harmful content – Strategy – Networking – Security- Tempemail

Britain said it would force social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Snap to do more to block or remove harmful content on their platforms. Following a consultation, the UK government said on Wednesday it planned to legislate to ensure companies had systems in place to tackle harmful content Continue Reading