Microsoft Says: Russian SolarWinds Hackers Hit U.S. Government Agencies Again- Tempemail

Microsoft says the state-backed Russian hacker group Nobelium—the same actor behind the 2020 SolarWinds attacks—took control of the State Department’s United States Agency for International Development email system. This bold attack, expected to be ongoing, breached federal government supplier systems sending out official-looking emails to over 3,000 accounts across more Continue Reading

Pop hit: how rainbow, reusable bubblewrap became a playground must-have | Toys- Tempemail

When I had my first child, the thing that filled me most with dread was television. You read that right: it wasn’t the loss of my independence; the prospect of sleepless nights; or the fear of what might happen to them in the big bad world. Rather, I was preoccupied Continue Reading

FBI Warns Conti Ransomware Hit 16 U.S. Health and Emergency Services – Tempemail

The adversary behind Conti ransomware targeted no fewer than 16 healthcare and first responder networks in the U.S. within the past year, totally victimizing over 400 organizations worldwide, 290 of which are situated in the country. That’s according to a new flash alert issued by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Continue Reading

Critical Flaws Hit Cisco SD-WAN vManage and HyperFlex Software – Tempemail

Networking equipment major Cisco has rolled out software updates to address multiple critical vulnerabilities impacting HyperFlex HX and SD-WAN vManage Software that could allow an attacker to perform command injection attacks, execute arbitrary code, and gain access to sensitive information. In a series of advisories published on May 5, the Continue Reading

3 Zero-Day Exploits Hit SonicWall Enterprises Tempemail Security Appliances – Tempemail

SonicWall has addressed three critical security vulnerabilities in its hosted and on-premises email security (ES) product that are being actively exploited in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2021-20021 and CVE-2021-20022, the flaws were discovered and reported to the company by FireEye’s Mandiant subsidiary on March 26, 2021, after the cybersecurity firm Continue Reading

Facebook says a breach that hit 533m is old news. Experts disagree | Facebook- Tempemail

After information from 533 million Facebook users was exposed to hackers, the company has tried to reassure users, saying that the data was leaked years ago and has since been secured. But experts say the issue is still grave – whether it happened in 2021 or years prior – largely Continue Reading

In Trumpian move, Jeff Bezos reportedly orders Amazon chiefs to hit back at critics | Amazon

Say what you will about the relative merits of the continued existence of Amazon, the humble online bookstore that might end up being the last company in the world at this rate, you might expect all of that accumulated wealth to afford them access to the best and brightest communications Continue Reading

Drug companies look to AI to end ‘hit and miss’ research | Pharmaceuticals industry

The hunt for new medicines has often been more like a game of roulette than high-end science. But now the pharmaceutical sector is on the cusp of a transformation, as it delves into cutting-edge technology to come up with new treatments for diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Continue Reading

Dependency Confusion Supply-Chain Attack Hit Over 35 High-Profile Companies – Tempemail

In what’s a novel supply chain attack, a security researcher managed to breach over 35 major companies’ internal systems, including that of Microsoft, Apple, PayPal, Shopify, Netflix, Yelp, Tesla, and Uber, and achieve remote code execution. The technique, called dependency confusion or a substitution attack, takes advantage of the fact Continue Reading