Facebook is gambling Australia can’t live without it. Imagine if we prove them wrong | Facebook

Some commentators reckon Facebook has called Australia’s bluff. They may be about to discover that Australia isn’t bluffing. The platform’s own irresponsible and chaotic implementation of its Australian news “ban” appears to have rallied the country – citizens and politicians from across the aisles – and governments from around the Continue Reading

We need a new Walt Whitman to imagine a virtual public space | John Naughton | Opinion- Tempemail

A remarkable essay in Wired has just caught my eye. “To mend a broken internet,” reads the headline, “create online parks.” The author is Eli Pariser, whose 2011 book, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You, provided an extraordinarily prescient warning of the way our networked world Continue Reading

It’s time for brands to take a stance and imagine a world without nature- Tempemail

One Minute Briefs (OMB) have today launched a user-generated content campaign for #WorldWildlifeDay to remove the nature from the badges of the brands and sports teams we know and love. Already, various teams are pledging to change their logos in May including football teams Wolves, Salford City, Oldham Athletic, Exeter Continue Reading