Video games have replaced music as the most important aspect of youth culture | Culture

It would be incorrect to say video games went mainstream in 2020. They’ve been mainstream for decades. But their place in pop culture feels far more central – to gamers and non-gamers alike – than ever before. In part, this is due to desperate marketers hunting for eyeballs in a Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why Social Listening Is Important

Millions of consumers are talking about brands, products and customer service issues on social media. And as traditional marketing has evolved into digital marketing, customers are more trusting of experiences that other customers share on social media, blogs, or discussion boards than traditional advertising messages. Taking user generated content seriously Continue Reading

Important Considerations when Selecting a Payroll Service Provider in Africa – Tempemail

In my years of experience in the African payroll market, I have come across various companies and individuals who consider themselves to be payroll experts. However, when questioned deeper, and based on the complexities associated with servicing payroll across multiple African countries (each with their own legal, customary and operational Continue Reading

Belfast bar shares negative TripAdvisor review likening visit to ‘medical exam’ to make important point about coronavirus- Tempemail

A bar in Northern Ireland has shared a negative Tripadvisor review to make a point about the importance of adhering to safety guidelines during a pandemic. On Thursday, Voodoo Belfast, which is located in Belfast city centre, shared a recent two-star review on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. In the Continue Reading

BTS: The Chase star Anne Hegerty condemned by fans after describing group as ‘a little Korean boy band that’s not important’- Tempemail

On Twitter, Hegerty (who is known on The Chase as “The Governess”) described BTS as “a little Korean boy band that’s fundamentally not important”. She made the comments in response to a tweet from The Economist senoir editor Anne McElvoy, who had written “Please no” in response to news that Continue Reading

Why The Social Dilemma is the most important documentary of our times- Tempemail

I f you’ve logged onto social media recently, you may have noticed the odd clue that all is not right in the world. Credulous corona-spiracists spoiling for punch-ups with 5G masts. Honking clowns of governments who rule by fomenting voter conflict. The constant feeling that you’re being boiled alive in Continue Reading

‘They don’t think it’s important’: Ellen Pao on why Facebook can’t beat hate | Media- Tempemail

The United States’s reckoning with racism set off by the police killing of George Floyd has been expressed by social media companies in Silicon Valley with a certain stiffening of the spine. Twitter hid one of Donald Trump’s tweets behind a label; YouTube banned some white nationalists; Twitch suspended Trump’s Continue Reading

Deleted an Important Document by Mistake? Microsoft’s New File Recovery Tool Might Help | Tempemail

Sourced from The Sun UK. Microsoft has quietly launched a new utility service – Windows File Recovery for Windows 10. While this service may be an important boon for users who have been struggling for years to use an application to quickly and efficiently recover permanently deleted files, it comes Continue Reading

PlayStation 5: exclusive games ‘more important than ever’, says Sony | Games

Happily for anyone who struggles to summon much interest in raw tech specs, last week’s PlayStation 5 broadcast was heavy on games. Having seeded details about the console’s hardware and performance throughout the year, Sony opted to show what developers have been doing with that speed and power. Of the Continue Reading