‘We have discovered the potential for individual future mobility’: BMW on eSports- Tempemail

German automotive giant BMW believes it has discovered the formula for addressing a younger target group when it comes to eSports and is keen to invest more in the sport. In addition, it believes eSports improves the potential for individual future mobility, which means bringing more people together through the Continue Reading

After coronavirus: ‘The penny has dropped that wellbeing isn’t individual but social’ | World news- Tempemail

Hannah Arendt once wrote that in times of deep crisis “we have a right to expect illumination”. It seems callous to suggest that this tenebrous pandemic is letting the light in, and daft to offer immediate consolations amid so much grief. But there is a sense that, with the world Continue Reading

NBN Co won’t reveal individual profit and loss for wireless, satellite – Telco/ISP- Tempemail

NBN Co has backed away from revealing just how much its fixed wireless and satellite networks lose each year, information that could bolster – or undermine – the case for the broadband tax. Chief development officer for regional and remote, Gavin Williams, told a senate committee last month that NBN Continue Reading