Hackers threaten to leak stolen Apple blueprints if $50 million ransom isn’t paid – Tempemail

Prominent Apple supplier Quanta on Wednesday said it suffered a ransomware attack from the REvil ransomware group, which is now demanding the iPhone maker pay a ransom of $50 million to prevent leaking sensitive files on the dark web. In a post shared on its deep web “Happy Blog” portal, Continue Reading

‘Facebook isn’t interested in countries like ours’: Azerbaijan troll network returns months after ban | Facebook

Facebook has allowed a state-backed harassment campaign targeting independent news outlets and opposition politicians in Azerbaijan to return to its platform, less than six months after it banned the troll network. A Guardian investigation has revealed how Facebook allowed an arm of Azerbaijan’s ruling party, the YAP, to carry out Continue Reading

Stop with the #selfcare posts – taking a day off isn’t an option for most people- Tempemail

It’s OK if you haven’t done anything today. Cut yourself some slack – we’re living in a global pandemic #selfcare” That seems to be the gist of a good chunk of social media posts, floating around since March. And the authors of those nuggets have really been hitting their stride Continue Reading

An app could catch 98.5% of all Covid-19 infections. Why isn’t it available? | US news

The world wasn’t prepared for the Covid-19 pandemic – and it still isn’t. Critical shortages of personal protective equipment and ventilators continue to put medical professionals and patients at unnecessary risk. Meanwhile, long wait times for test results contribute to viral spread. Yet throughout this year, promising scientific innovations have Continue Reading

‘This isn’t the 1990s’: Apple under pressure from app developers | Technology

Facebook may be the home of international conspiracy theories, Amazon the bane of high streets everywhere and Google slowly tightening its grip on the entire web but it is Apple that is rapidly becoming the most friendless of the big tech companies. Even its attempts to make new allies are Continue Reading

Real change or symbolism? What Silicon Valley is – and isn’t – doing to support Black Lives Matter | Technology

Major technology platforms are re-examining how they interact with police forces and regulate hate speech online following the death of George Floyd and the weeks of protests that ensued. From avatars and hashtags to policy changes and donations, here is what technology companies are saying about #BlackLivesMatter – and what Continue Reading

‘This isn’t cannabis 2.0’: are psychedelics the next frontier for advertising?- Tempemail

In February, Decca Aitkenhead found herself taking magic mushrooms on a beach in Jamaica. She took a friend, ratioed one bad trip to two good, came some way to processing her dealings with mortality and experienced one of the best days of her life. Then she came home and wrote Continue Reading

After coronavirus: ‘The penny has dropped that wellbeing isn’t individual but social’ | World news- Tempemail

Hannah Arendt once wrote that in times of deep crisis “we have a right to expect illumination”. It seems callous to suggest that this tenebrous pandemic is letting the light in, and daft to offer immediate consolations amid so much grief. But there is a sense that, with the world Continue Reading

Sparrow Advisor’s Ana Milicevic: ‘Transformation isn’t a one time thing’- Tempemail

The term, ‘digital transformation’ has taken on new meaning in recent weeks. And as individuals around the world switch to digitally-based home and work lives as a result of quarantines, organisations are also being forced to re-consider what it actually means for them. However, principal and co-founder of digital consultancy Continue Reading