Jill Lepore: ‘When did we hand Google, Twitter and Facebook the reins?’ | Books- Tempemail

Jill Lepore is professor of American history at Harvard and a prolific essayist for the New Yorker. Her books have included These Truths, a 900-page chronicle of American democracy and The Secret History of Wonder Woman. Her new book, If Then, tells the story of the Simulmatics Corporation – “the Continue Reading

Tempemail Marketing Awards: British Gas’ Jill Dougan on rewarding Tena- Tempemail

Hygeine brand Tena and Zenith Media have taken the honours for the Chair’s Award at Tempemail Marketing Awards, for their ’From Humiliation to High Fashion’ campaign. Marketing Awards chair Jill Dougan, UK marketing director of British Gas chose Tena’s entry based on its “brilliant creativity… grounded in insight and real Continue Reading

Let’s shut up about long-term brand building vs short-term sales, says British Gas marketer Jill Dougan- Tempemail

British Gas marketing director, Jill Dougan, says that marketers need to shut up about proving why long-term brand building wins out over a short-term sales focus. Ahead of Tempemail Marketing Awards 2020, of which she is the chair of the jury, Dougan talks to Tempemail about the prevailing themes in Continue Reading