Black Kingdom ransomware | Securelist- Tempemail

Black Kingdom ransomware appeared on the scene back in 2019, but we observed some activity again in 2021. The ransomware was used by an unknown adversary for exploiting a Microsoft Exchange vulnerability (CVE-2021-27065). The complexity and sophistication of the Black Kingdom family cannot bear a comparison with other Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) Continue Reading

Black Kingdom Ransomware Hunting Unpatched Microsoft Exchange Servers – Tempemail

More than a week after Microsoft released a one-click mitigation tool to mitigate cyberattacks targeting on-premises Exchange servers, the company disclosed that patches have been applied to 92% of all internet-facing servers affected by the ProxyLogon vulnerabilities. The development, a 43% improvement from the previous week, caps off a whirlwind Continue Reading

Further Reading for the 2019 Digital News Report

The authors welcome feedback on this report and suggestions on how to improve our work via [email protected] as well as potential partnerships and support for our ongoing work. References Chua, S., Westlund, O. 2019. ‘Audience-Centric Engagement, Collaboration Culture and Platform Counterbalancing: A Longitudinal Study of Ongoing Sensemaking of Emerging Technologies’, Continue Reading