Facebook apologises to Australian MP falsely accused by conspiracy theorist of being in ‘paedophile network’ | Technology

Facebook has apologised to Nationals MP Anne Webster over months-long delays in responding to reports of abuse she received from an online conspiracy theorist that led to an $875,000 defamation payout order. In September, federal court justice Jacqueline Gleeson ordered the payout to the first-term Mildura MP over Facebook posts Continue Reading

Facebook suffers blow in Australia legal fight over Cambridge Analytica | Technology- Tempemail

Facebook has been dealt a blow in its fight to fend off Australian legal action surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with the tech giant failing to convince the federal court it does not carry out business in Australia. In March, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) sued Facebook Continue Reading

Australian MP installed security cameras out of ‘genuine fear’ after posts by conspiracy theorist, court hears | Australia news- Tempemail

Federal MP Anne Webster installed security cameras at her home because she feared being physically attacked in her home town of Mildura after a conspiracy theorist accused her of being “a member of a secretive paedophile network” in a series of vicious social media posts. The Guardian revealed on Saturday Continue Reading

Australian media companies face defamation liability for comments on Facebook after court dismisses appeal | Media- Tempemail

The New South Wales court of appeal has dismissed an appeal from several newspapers and a TV news channel over a court ruling that held them liable for defamatory comments posted in response to news articles about Northern Territory youth detainee Dylan Voller on their Facebook pages. Voller, whose mistreatment Continue Reading

Questions remain over whether data collected by Covidsafe app could be accessed by US law enforcement | Law

The federal government has reassured the public that Covidsafe data held by Amazon will not be able to be accessed by US law enforcement, but a parliamentary committee is currently investigating separate legislation that would pave the way for US law enforcement to access data held in Australia. Federal parliament Continue Reading

Court says Melbourne dentist can serve Google for user details over bad review | Technology

A Melbourne dentist has been given permission by the federal court to serve Google to attempt to find out the personal details of an anonymous account that left a bad review about his practice. Dr Matthew Kabbabe, a dental surgeon in Northcote, is seeking to sue a user known only Continue Reading

Web browsing histories are being given to Australian police under data retention powers | World news

Law enforcement agencies are being provided with the web browsing histories of people under investigation using mandatory data retention powers, despite the federal government specifically excluding that practice in the legislation, the commonwealth ombudsman has warned. When the Coalition government passed mandatory data retention laws in 2015, the legislation explicitly Continue Reading

The government must make sure technology serves public interest. The alternative is a libertarian free-for-all | Peter Lewis | Australia news- Tempemail

Falling levels of trust in our public institutions have become the backing track for the demise of the progressive political project and the rise of populist strongmen who promise to take back control. Government becomes a problem to be solved, a “bubble”, a “swamp” of compromised technocrats and bean-counters operating Continue Reading

People should be held accountable for AI and algorithm errors, rights commissioner says | Law

People need to be held accountable for the mistakes AI and algorithms make on their behalf, such as that seen in the government’s robodebt scandal, according to Australian human rights commissioner Ed Santow. The proposal comes in a new discussion paper on the impact of new technologies on human rights Continue Reading

Christian Porter calls for Facebook and Twitter to be treated as publishers | Australia news

Attorney general Christian Porter has called for digital platforms, including social media giants, to be treated like other publishers to create a fair media playing field. Although the comments on Wednesday were made in the context of defamation law reform, the sweeping statement has broad implications for social media companies’ Continue Reading