Popular Netops Remote Learning Software Found Vulnerable to Hacking – Tempemail

Cybersecurity researchers on Sunday disclosed several critical vulnerabilities in remote student monitoring software Netop Vision Pro that a malicious attacker could abuse to execute arbitrary code and take over Windows computers. “These findings allow for elevation of privileges and ultimately remote code execution which could be used by a malicious Continue Reading

I’m painting the amazing Galápagos wildlife – from my sitting room | Learning holidays

The creature comes into view quite slowly. It’s like staring into the bushes, realising there is something there, then picking out its parts, assembling the whole that, suddenly, magically, comes alive and steps gently forward. A giant tortoise. Mary-Anne, our guide, laughs: “A tortoise’s mouth always remind me of my Continue Reading

Growth Culture | Pentalog Encourages Continuous Learning- Tempemail

When the BrightHub project’s young coordinators contacted me in August to support their entrepreneurial education program focusing on Digitalization & Social Responsibility, I immediately said yes. Pentalog’s involvement in the local community’s educational and social initiatives comes naturally as it’s in our DNA to support a growth culture and help Continue Reading

New Framework Released to Protect Machine Learning Systems From Adversarial Attacks – Tempemail

Microsoft, in collaboration with MITRE, IBM, NVIDIA, and Bosch, has released a new open framework that aims to help security analysts detect, respond to, and remediate adversarial attacks against machine learning (ML) systems. Called the Adversarial ML Threat Matrix, the initiative is an attempt to organize the different techniques employed Continue Reading

ProLabs Enables Campus Network Upgrades to Facilitate Online Learning – Tempemail

A number of key South African universities have reported good progress with online learning for their students since the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the country’s lockdown situation. This is encouraging, as it means the wheels of learning are able to continue turning, but it also brings serious issues around data Continue Reading

Screen-based online learning will change kids’ brains. Are we ready for that? | Maryanne Wolf | Opinion- Tempemail

Literacy literally changes the human brain. The process of learning to read changes our brain, but so does what we read, how we read and on what we read (print, e-reader, phone, laptop). This is especially important in our new reality, when many people are tethered to multiple screens at Continue Reading

The Guardian view on artificial intelligence’s revolution: learning but not as we know it | Editorial | Opinion

Bosses don’t often play down their products. Sam Altman, the CEO of artificial intelligence company OpenAI, did just that when people went gaga over his company’s latest software: the Generative Pretrained Transformer 3 (GPT-3). For some, GPT-3 represented a moment in which one scientific era ends and another is born. Continue Reading

Learn Machine Learning and AI – Online Training Program @ 93% OFF – Tempemail

Within the next decade, artificial intelligence is likely to play a significant role in our everyday lives. Machine learning already powers image recognition, self-driving cars, and Netflix recommendations. For any aspiring developer, learning how to code smart software is a good move. These skills are highly valued in tech, finance, Continue Reading

Pick n Pay is Using Machine Learning to Change How People Shop | Tempemail

Image sourced from Guzzle Pick n Pay has announced that it will use machine learning to automatically personalise discounts for Smart Shoppers – a move that is expected to help more customers save more on their grocery shop. Using this advanced technology, Pick n Pay hopes to give each shopper Continue Reading